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December 1, 2017

Skyler Day

Todd Kress

Megan Theiller

Austin, Texas

Texas - 3, Fairfield - 0

TODD KRESS: We were here two years ago, and it's always been unbelievable experience for our student athletes. I think that the University of Texas puts on a first-class event when it comes to the women's volleyball side of things. I'm so impressed with obviously just everything from the crowd to the venue to the support on both front. They are very appreciative of good volleyball.

You know, we enjoy being here. We would like to have played a little better. We kind of lost our heads at times at a few points and let Texas go on a five- or six-point run, which you can't do that against one of the top two or three teams in the country.

But all in all for us, coming out of Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, we're pretty proud of what we accomplished this year, and again enjoyed the experience here in Texas tonight.

Q. You touched on it, just going on the runs, a big one in the first set, 8-0, what do you attribute that to?
TODD KRESS: I don't know. We thought we were doing some solid things, 15-14 at the media timeout. Had some things we wanted to correct out of the time out to keep us in the set and we really were just flat coming out of that time out, and I thought that was a big difference in that first set.

I don't know that Texas did necessarily anything different. I just don't think that we made the adjustments defensively. We were out of system. We were unable to, simple thing: Put up a hittable ball. We were unable to put up a hittable ball and just get a side out, which we needed a point there at a critical time and we couldn't do it.

That was a little frustrating, and I thought that was the difference because I thought if we could have stayed with them down the stretch in that first set, anything happens.

Q. Overall, below your average but what do you think overall offensively?
TODD KRESS: At 15-4 in the first set we're hitting 421 against Texas, which I didn't see happening and I think the law of averages kind of took place and we just made many uncommon, uncharacteristic hitting errors for us. We went for a little too much. We knew their block was going to be a big part of it.

But I thought we were going for too much offensively, as opposed to going for a deep seam or deep sideline, we were trying to hit the perfect spot: Like hit the perfect line, hit the perfect shot and I thought that hurt us a little bit. I attribute that to part of it. I think we got a little tight when some of our shots weren't falling.

Q. Skyler, Megan your overall thoughts on the match.
MEGAN THEILLER: I would say like Todd had mentioned earlier, not quite the outcome we had wanted. And when I say outcome, we come into the gym, whether it's practice, the game, trying and focus on the process, playing hard each point, all balls up on defense, and that quite didn't happen today.

SKYLER DAY: Yeah, I would agree with that. Obviously, yeah we didn't get the outcome we wanted but the process was there and I think that was the biggest fault today was we just warrant at our best and to beat Texas, you have to be at your best.

Q. That second set, you fought offset point three separate occasions.
TODD KRESS: Oh, yeah, this team never quits. We're going to fight if it's 24-1, we are going to continue to fight. These two in particular led the way this year. At one point in our season, we had a four- to six-week stretch, if not longer than that, that we had all three senior captains out with significant injuries and our season was kind of up in the air; where were we headed with this whole thing.

When we got back and healthy, we kind of regrouped ended going on a 21-match win streak. I don't know many programs that can do that when you have your three senior captains that contribute not only this year but in the past four years so much to a program.

So they are very resilient group. I want to say that I'm surprised that we got to the finish line the way we did within our conference but knowing these kids over four years -- what they overcame and their perseverance.

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