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November 21, 2017

Will Wade

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Notre Dame - 92, LSU - 53

THE MODERATOR: Coach Will Wade of LSU in the media room. An opening statement?

WILL WADE: Obviously, it's a tough night for us. They're a phenomenal team. We were outclassed in every way. But we've got to respond the right way and get ready to go tomorrow. We've got a game at 3:00 tomorrow, and you get to wipe the taste out of your mouth and get going. So we need to, you know, get back and get some rest tonight and get ready to go tomorrow and move forward.

Disappointing result, and we obviously didn't play very well. I was disappointed in our effort. But a quick turnaround, so we've got to get going.

Q. Losing Brandon so early, where did that hurt you the most?
WILL WADE: Well, it deflated us. I thought that first possession was pretty much indicative of the game. We got two or three offensive rebounds and could point get the ball in the basket. He goes down. He's one of our better players, so it hurt us defensively. He gave us some length. We're going to use him on Farrell a little bit to give us some length, and it didn't work out.

But we've got other guys. They've got to step up. Some of these other guys have wanted opportunities, and they -- we've got to step up. We've got to get some of these guys ready to go tomorrow and really step up. But he hurt.

I mean, listen, Notre Dame is a phenomenal team. They're a Final Four-caliber team. They shoot it, and they've got great poise. They play with unbelievable pace. It would have taken a very good effort from us to win tonight with or without Sampson.

Q. How important now does tomorrow come, the difference between going home 1-2 or 2-1 from here?
WILL WADE: I mean, it's huge. It's huge. There is a huge difference in that, 1-2 and 2-1. So we've got to do everything we can to get back in the saddle and get this win tomorrow over a very good Marquette team.

Q. You guys had trouble getting shots to fall. Were you getting the looks that you wanted?
WILL WADE: I thought we rushed a little bit. When they started barraging us from three, we came down and tried to answer with quick threes instead of just working inside. We got a little bit discombobulated there. That hurt us. I did a poor job preparing our team. We had too many ball screen coverages. We got way too complicated on a short prep. Offensively, we didn't play with the pace and the passing, and the movement that we needed to. So we were just way too stagnant. That's on me. We've got to get that corrected and get better for tomorrow.

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