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November 21, 2017

Eric Bovaird

Dantley Walker

Braden Koelliker

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Michigan - 102, Chaminade - 64

THE MODERATOR: We now welcome Chaminade to the media room. Coach Bovaird, Dantley Walker, and Braden Koelliker. Coach, an opening statement on tonight's game.

ERIC BOVAIRD: Obviously, the first half was kind of rough for us. Shooting the ball 2 for 11 from the three-point line. We count on making threes as a big portion of our game and coming off screen and rolls, and making the right reads. When you're not knocking down three-point shots, it's kind of rough. We've had two games where we've shot the ball well below what I expect us to shoot.

So I thought in the second half we had a really good stretch there. I think it was probably about 12 minutes where we played even with them, even though we were down 20, but it stayed at 20 for a good, I think, 10-, 12-minute stretch.

Hopefully we'll take some things away from that and try to build on that stretch, the things we did successful. Then the other stretches, we've got a lot of improvement.

Q. Dantley, how tough is Matthews? He shot 8 for 8 today, and 10 rebounds as well and forced it?
DANTLEY WALKER: Yeah, he didn't miss a shot. I don't know, you know. He just got good looks and he was knocking them down and it really killed us.

Q. Dantley or Braden, what is your guys' mentality going into this game against Cal tomorrow, and just how you guys might be able to bounce back and look for a win in this tournament?
BRADEN KOELLIKER: We came out strong yesterday against Notre Dame, and kind of let off the gas a little bit. Today that followed into today. So tomorrow we're looking to come out strong and put a full 40 minutes together and show Cal that we can compete.

Q. Coach, after this year, Chaminade starts attending every other year, the tournament. What are you telling your players going into the last game of the tournament for you guys to get that break?
ERIC BOVAIRD: Well, we won't talk about that. Obviously, overnight of our full preparation will be trying to figure out a way to beat Cal. I'm sure that question will come up later after the tournament's over.

But, hey, it is what it is. We do have exciting opportunities next year that we're looking forward to, going to Arizona, going to San Diego State. I've never been to those places, but I see them on TV and they have lots of fans there. So should be interesting along those lines.

But this is a great tournament. For a Division II team to have a chance to play against these teams, three games on ESPN is something we absolutely cherish and we love. We'll look forward to doing it every other year.

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