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November 20, 2017

Will Wade

Tremont Waters

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

LSU - 77, Michigan - 75

THE MODERATOR: We welcome LSU to the media room, Coach Wade and Tremont Waters. We'll start with Coach and take questions for Tremont.

WILL WADE: Just obviously you could tell by the way we reacted, that was a huge win for us, huge. I'm so proud of our players. We turned the page on our program tonight. We got down in the second half. I think they led by 8 or 9. We got down in the second half. And in the past we'd let that thing swell up and we'd have lost by 20, but we came back and gritted it out and found a way to win. So helps having a point guard like him. We did a better job taking care of the ball in the second half, only turned it over three times. Turned it over 11 times in the first half.

But I'm just so proud of our players. They've worked extremely hard. They, more than anybody, deserved for this to happen. They've earned this, and you could probably tell by the way we reacted how big of a win this is for us. We're going to pick it up, and get ready to go again tomorrow night.

Q. Tremont, can you speak to the same kind of thing that Coach just talked about? How big is this for you guys as a team? How big is it for your confidence?
TREMONT WATERS: I'm going to have to say starting off, thanks to my teammates and coaches, and Father God, first of all, for letting all this happen. But overall we work hard in practice. Everything starts in practice. Our conditioning, our strength and conditioning overall with Coach Goldin, that sets our tone for our practice and going to practice and working on all our little things that we need to work on. Like that last defensive play. Skylar didn't foul him. He put his hands straight up, and that led to a contested three at the end of the game and pretty much closed it out.

Q. That last sequence there, what was going through your mind as Rahkman came down, Abdur-Rahkman came down, put that ball in the air and then Wagner got that rebound? What was going through your mind through all of that?
TREMONT WATERS: Obviously you don't want the ball to go to the rim. I felt like Skylar played good enough D that Rahkman wasn't going to hit the shot. Also, Duop did a great job just shielding at the rim when Wagner got the ball. So I feel like I just pretty much had faith in my teammates.

Q. Coach, you had that last block, I couldn't really tell. Who had the last block when Wagner got the rebound right at the end?
WILL WADE: I think it was 21, Epps.

Q. I kind of thought it was him too.
WILL WADE: I was so excited. I don't know if I saw it. But our guys did a great job with the game plan. We didn't want 22, Robinson, to beat us. He only got off four shots, and that's all we worked on all week was making sure he didn't beat us and seeing if those other guys could beat us. They almost did. Wagner played tremendous, and that's why he's an NBA draft prospect. We didn't really guard Matthews, but we guarded him there at the end when we needed to. Rachal got a big block on 12, and we guarded him when we needed to. Says a lot. We had No. 2, a freshman, out there making big, defensive plays at the end of the game. So I can't even tell you how big this was for us. This was just tremendous.

Q. Coach, I know you want to enjoy this one, but how big is the opportunity?
WILL WADE: I mean, it's a great opportunity for us to play Notre Dame. It's a great opportunity, and we're going to go back. We're going to rest our guys, and we're going to get ready to go into battle again tomorrow. But this was just huge for us, absolutely huge for us.

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