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November 20, 2017

Eric Bovaird

Austin Pope

Erik Scheive

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Notre Dame - 83, Chaminade - 56

THE MODERATOR: We now welcome Chaminade to the media room.

ERIC BOVAIRD: I thought we -- through stretches of the game, I thought we played really well. Then we had, of course, some bad stretches. Transition defense was not very good tonight. They got a lot of run outs for easy baskets that really hurt us. But overall, we competed through stretches. There were a few three or four shots that if they went down I think we could have made a run, at least, and made it an interesting game through very important stretches, and we ended up missing them. Lot of times they got run outs for good baskets. But they're a very good team, and I think there's a reason why they're top 10 in the country.

Q. Austin, can you talk about what was going through your mind when you made that early three in the second half to pull within six?
AUSTIN POPE: Oh, man, I had a couple bunnies that missed out in the first half that I usually make. I just wanted to get us going. We needed to stay on them. We had a good first 20 minutes, and I felt like we needed to jump on them early.

Q. Follow-up with Erik, what was the hope like at that point? You're down 6 with 19 and a half minutes to go?
ERIK SCHEIVE: Like any basketball player, you want to just keep it going. I felt like our guys were going and we had a good momentum. We had a couple, like Coach said, some shots that didn't fall for us that we usually make. But we'll go back, look at the film and we'll get back into it.

Q. Austin or Erik, what was it like going into the locker room at halftime after Brett, I think, hit that one-footed three to give you guys something going in?
AUSTIN POPE: We could both say something about that. First, I'll say, it was a great shot. He's an energy guy. I think Coach said it in one of his newspaper things that he just wants to win. So he makes winning plays, so that was great.

ERIK SCHEIVE: At that time it's still a closer game. We were definitely competing at that point within the game. Had a chance to make a run and take the lead. When you have a shot like that that goes in before the half, like he said, it's a huge energy play. Boosted all of us and got us more hyped to come out in the in the second half.

Q. What was it like trying to contain Farrell and Colson knowing what kind of players they were maybe coming in?
ERIK SCHEIVE: I mean, we prepared for them all week. There is a reason they're on all the preseason lists and everything like that. We just tried to make it as tough as possible. I think in the atmosphere sometimes our concepts, we forgot it. But tip your hat to them, they're good players. They're really good.

Q. Coach, you have experience with this. How do you bounce back? You guys are a good team. Maybe the final score doesn't reflect it tonight. But how do you guys do that bounce-back thing for tomorrow?
ERIC BOVAIRD: We just talked about it in the locker room. You have less than 24 hours to prepare. I don't know a lot about Michigan and LSU. I do know Michigan because John Beilein back when he was at West Virginia and I was at West Virginia and I worked his basketball camp. So I know his system pretty well. But if we happen to play LSU, I don't know anything about them. But we're going to know in the next 24 hours. So they're going to have to understand different contests. We've been preparing for Notre Dame for a week. Everybody knows what they're going to do. They're going to send No. 5 and No. 35 at you, and you've got to stop them. But they're going to bounce back. They're going to be ready. I'm glad that we don't play the early morning game. So I thank KemperLesnik for not putting us back at 9:30 in the morning after a loss like that. So at least we have the 3 o'clock game where we'll have time to prepare and talk about it.

Q. I think in the coaches press conference on Sunday you talked about maybe having to play your best game here on Maui to hang with these guys or beat these guys. So as the early moments of the game played out and you guys were in it at that first media timeout, are you thinking, maybe we are playing perhaps our best game?
ERIC BOVAIRD: Yeah, you think that at the time period. Momentum's going, you're knocking down threes and everything's going the way you had game planned for. All of a sudden, you get some things go wrong. All the good teams that I've played against, whether it's North Carolina or Kansas, these teams have the ability to expose weaknesses. When they pick up on a weakness, they jump on it. One of them was ball screen coverage tonight for us. No. 5 coming, flying off a ball screen and making plays. We knew it was coming, but it's tough to simulate in practice when you don't have anybody as fast and as quick and as good at making reads as him. I think I answered your question.

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