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November 19, 2017

So Yeon Ryu

Sung Hyun Park

Naples, Florida

SO YEON RYU: (In progress.)...one of the LPGA staff told me, You better to wait. You have a chance to win the player of the year. I couldn't believe it. I was like, Me? I play really bad this week. He was like, Yeah, you still have a chance. I had to hang around a little bit, and I found out we had co-winner.

It was kind of like awkward feeling. I think middle of the season winning player of the year was always my goal. I achieved my goal and I won twice this year, and then I was at the No. 1 for a while.

So I feel like it was very terrific terrific start to the '17 season, and then I really thankful to everyone who been helping me out to play well and get healthy.

So I would like to thank to everyone who been helping me out to achieve my dream.

SUNG HYUN PARK: (Through translation.) I didn't quite expect to receive the award. David, my caddie, told me that there is a chance I could accept the Player the Year Award and that it would be decided.

When it was decided and I did find out, I have to admit I was a bit bewildered, but I was very happy.

After accepting this award, I will continue to try hard and work hard at my game.


Q. So Yeon, can you give us an idea of the range of emotions you experienced this last week then with having to battle the shoulder injury and making it hard to play, and all of a sudden here you are with this trophy. Just the emotions.
SO YEON RYU: To be honest, on Tuesday I had quite a lot of pain. Because of the pain I had to really serious think to pull out the tournament as well.

But if I was not in contention for Player of the Year or Race to CME, I wouldn't play this tournament. This trophy is only reason why I just forced myself to get well soon and play it.

I complete the 72 holes, and then I was able to hand this amazing trophy. I think maybe because of my trophy, my mind was like, Okay, shoulder, you better to be cured really quick for that trophy.

So I think that was definitely good motivate to healing really quick, and that was really great motivate to keep fighting myself.

Q. I apologize if you included this in your answer because I was tweeting, but just that historic sweep and joining Nancy Lopez in history, what that means to you.
SUNG HYUN PARK: (Through translation.) It's a great, great honor to be walking the same path as a great player as Nancy Lopez. I guess I can simply say it's a really great honor to me.

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