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November 18, 2017

David Goffin

London, England, United Kingdom

D. GOFFIN/R. Federer

2-6, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: David is the sixth player to beat Roger and Rafa in the same tournament in history. Last time was Novak Djokovic here in 2015.


Q. What do you feel you did differently than the other six matches that you played against him?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, it was not an easy match. Of course, it was not easy. When I started to play against him, I was a little bit nervous. I started to be just solid. But against him it's not enough to be just solid, because it's perfect, the perfect pace for him, he can do whatever he wants.

Then I wanted to change something because I was nervous. I started to feel the ball better at the end of the first set, so I wanted to be more aggressive. As soon as I had the chance to go for the shot from the return and from the serve also was the key to go for the shot.

It paid off. I started to serve well. My forehand was going much better. I was really aggressive. I came to the net.

Yeah, when you see me at the net, it is something good (smiling).

Q. Most people are a bit afraid of Roger Federer's forehand. You went there time and time again. Was that a clear tactic, if you could get him on a run?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I was feeling comfortable on that side of the court, especially with my forehand, forehand cross. As soon as I had the chance to go down the line, I took my chance.

Yeah, the key was as soon as I saw that the tactic was good, I was ahead, I started to continue to play. The key was not to play in his forehand, it was just to play fast, to go from one side to the other one after my serve and after my return.

I served a lot in his backhand, and I went to the other side. So, yeah, I wanted just to play faster in the second than in the first.

Q. In 2012 you played Roger in Roland Garros. You were not so famous then, but you became famous. Do you think it's a conclusion of a good rivalry with Roger?
DAVID GOFFIN: I don't know what to say (laughter).

No, it was just another match. We played seven times against each other. Of course, the first time was in 2012 on clay at the French Open. It was a good match.

He started to know how I'm playing a little bit better after that. It was tough for me. It's always tough when you start to play against Roger. For the first time I played my best tennis, and I played always a little bit more relaxed after the first set. I started to feel the ball really well for the first time, and continued to serve and played my best tennis today.

Q. You said after beating Nadal that was the most special win of your career. Considering the surface, Federer, this occasion, would you say you already topped that?
DAVID GOFFIN: I think so, yes. Both are really special. It was the first time against Rafa. Then the semifinal for the first time for me here, and to beat Roger for the first time here in such a big event, big tournament, it was the perfect moment.

Yeah, it is the best win of my career, for sure.

Q. Roger said before you have been crushing him a lot of times during practice. Were you thinking sometimes to that, trying to get some more confidence even when you were down a set, or not at all? This win will help you for the Davis Cup Final because once you beat Federer you can beat everybody?
DAVID GOFFIN: It is two questions (smiling).

Yeah, the first question, I don't remember. But it doesn't mean anything, the practice against Roger or against another player. Sometimes you feeling tired, you just want to feel the ball. You're not 100%. But the match means more.

Yeah, I like to play with Roger. We practiced a lot sometimes during the off-season, also in Dubai we practiced once. It was some great practice. I played well a lot of times against him. But it's only practice. We are more relaxed. He's not 100%.

Like I said, he's just hitting the ball, relaxed during practice. But during a match, it's something different. There is the pressure. When you have to start against him, there is the fans always. Normally they are always behind Roger. It's not easy. It's not the same. Is completely different.

Your second question, of course, for the Davis Cup, it gives me a lot of confidence. But it will be something different when you play for your country and not for yourself.

But, yeah, the way I managed the pressure will help me to manage also the pressure there, but it will be something different. It will be against the stadium.

Q. After a big win, it's always difficult to come out the next day and follow it up, as happened earlier in the week. Do you think that experience earlier in the week will help you?
DAVID GOFFIN: I don't know. Yeah, I will try to use this experience. It was not easy to play after Rafa. But tomorrow it's a final, so it is something different. There will be a lot of emotion. It is a final. If I play Grigor or Jack, it doesn't matter. A final is a final. You have to go for it, to go for the trophy. I will try to do like today, to be really aggressive and try to win the match.

But, yeah, try to relax, to do the same as yesterday, to prepare my body like always. I hope to be ready and to play a good match.

Q. 5-4 in the third set, you're supposed to be nervous, but you hit two aces and hold your serve.
DAVID GOFFIN: Like I said on the court, it was good there was a screen on the changeover. I was more relaxed so I didn't think about the first point or the game I have to play. I was watching the highlights of the previous game. I was a little bit more relaxed. As soon as the chair umpire said, Time, I was ready with the ball. I didn't have time to think about what I have to do.

I served an ace. When you start the game with an ace, it's always better.

Q. I fully appreciate the tournament here, the finals is not over. I want to ask you, this has been the biggest year of your career professionally. You played a lot of matches this week. Do you think that could be in one sense a positive, or maybe even a negative, going into the Davis Cup Final because it's something you haven't been in that situation before?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I don't know. I will tell you next week. If you are in Lille, I will tell you maybe it was a negative thing to play the final.

But there is nothing negative in this period. I have to play the final in Davis Cup. I have to play the final here. It is something incredible.

The fatigue doesn't mean anything. I just have to go for every match, every moment of the court, enjoy that moment because, yeah, it's the biggest final of my career, here and in Davis Cup. I will try to play match after match, give everything on the court like I'm doing for the moment.

Q. Give us your thoughts on either Grigor or Jack, who would you prefer to meet tomorrow?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, if it's Grigor, I had a match in the group, it was a tough match. I was not in my match. But it is a final. It will be something different hopefully. There will be another issue for me. It's another match. I have the chance to play another match, if it's Grigor, against him. I hope to play the tennis I played today. I'll try to be more aggressive, also go for the shot, and yeah, go for the trophy.

We will see. I will try something different than in the group. But it won't be difficult to do better than on Wednesday.

And if it's Jack, yeah, I won the last match in Basel. Was a good match. Was a late match, after midnight. Was not easy. But, yeah, I'm sure I have the game to beat him because, yeah, I did it in Basel. I can take the ball early. I can make him run a lot. He likes to have time to play some heavy forehand. I play faster. I take the ball early. He has a lot of backhand to hit. I'm sure he doesn't like to play against me.

We will see. It's a final. So against both players, it will be tough.

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