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November 18, 2017

Brooke Henderson

Naples, Florida

Q. The field is so bunched up. I think there are 18 players in the lead or within one shot. You're only three or four back.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, it is really bunched up. If I could have made a few birdies coming in I really would've jumped up the leaderboard.

Hopefully tomorrow I can go out and birdie three or four of my first nine and then see my name closer to the top.

Solid day. I've been consistent anyway, 2-under three days in a row. Hopefully tomorrow be a little bit better.

Q. This course you can make some birdies, so it's not like it's a lost cause.
BROOKE HENDERSON: No. There are definitely a lot of the birdies out there. You have to play smart, too. It can jump up and bite you at times. If you play smart and put the ball in the hunt right places, then you can definitely shoot a low number and move yourself up the leaderboard.

Q. Seems like a lot people going low today. Maybe ideal course conditions. You feel like you were pretty solid or some missed opportunities out there?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Well, of course I would like to be better. I don't really like to see my name in the middle of the pack.

I feel like I played decently well and just maybe didn't catch all the breaks, or a couple putts just missed, where if they would've fell could have been different story.

Q. Do you feel like this tournament is still winnable for you right now as it stands?

Q. Or are you setting your goals differently for tomorrow?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah. You know, being this far back with that many people ahead of you it's very unlikely that I could be the champion of this event this year.

However, I can still get into the top 10, maybe even better if I get off to a hot start tomorrow and hopefully make a few putts.

Q. How is your status in the Race to the CME standings maybe factor in your strategy for tomorrow, if at all?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Just like what I said. Got to shoot a low number and just see what happens.

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