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November 18, 2017

Dylan Frittelli

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. After getting off to a hot start, 3-under through three, did you think it could be something special out there today?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Probably not because I started 2-under through three the first two days, so I feel like that's par for the course right now. But definitely proud of the way that I knuckled down through the middle of the round and got some more birdies, as opposed to the first two days.

Q. When you look at the season, the win and obviously coming off a very good performance in Turkey, so just a continuation of what has been an exceptional year for you on Tour.
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, for sure. I definitely set high goals this year and I've achieved a lot of them.

Obviously it's been a breakout year. It's been the best one I've had as a professional so far. I just hope to keep the form coming and play well tomorrow again.

Q. How do you back up what you did today in tomorrow's final round?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Just got to try and hit fairways and greens, make the putts. I felt really comfortable out there. Physically I'm feeling really good. I've got my trainer here this week, really helped out a lot to keep me fit and healthy and feel good.

So I'm just going to get some sleep tonight and do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. Very few, if any, mistakes. From our perspective, it looked fairly easy. Did it seem that way from yours?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Not particularly. I definitely had it on a string off the tee but on the fairway to the green, it was a challenge and the heat was probably the biggest factor to try and stay school. Definitely had it going today and glad I capitalised on those opportunities.

Q. What were the strengths today in your opinion?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Probably just ball-striking. Took a lot of the pressure off the putting. I didn't leave myself too many testers. 16, that was a great par save there and besides that, it was pretty plane sailing the rest of the way around.

Q. You've won already on The European Tour this year. Mentally, emotionally, from tonight to tomorrow morning, how do you prepare to try to chase down what would probably be the biggest win in your career?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: I've just got to stay focused and try to stick to the same routine. Maybe work out this afternoon, hit a few balls and get back, hopefully get some good sleep and just do it again tomorrow. That's always the plan.

Q. Not think about it?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, exactly. It's a round of golf. You've got to be happy with the situation and this is what we practice for. I love playing with Sergio today. Good friend, from Austin, Texas, as well, and had a wonderful time with him today.

Q. When you stood on the first tee today, did you envisage walking off and signing for a 63?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Probably not, no. I knew I had some good golf in me but I think 4- or 5-under was the goal at the start of the day. But through ten, I guess, I had to readjust those goals.

Q. The setup of the course has changed and you've taken advantage of that. What was the main difference, do you feel, over the first two days?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Course played pretty similar. I think the greens are getting a little more slick and firming up a slight bit.

But a few tees were forward, so it made it a bit easier to get to the drivable par 4 on 15, I believe it was. So slightly easier today but you've still got to get the ball in the hole.

Q. We spoke in Turkey a couple of weeks ago after the Rolex Series, had not been particularly kind to you till you got to Turkey, but that seems to be the catalyst to moving on towards this event.
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, exactly. I love playing in front of crowds. I love playing with the best players in the world. I had fun with Sergio today. He's a good friend of mine and wonderful competitor. It's nice to mix it up with him. He played well, as well. Basically I'm trying to make as many birdies as I can tomorrow and compete with these guys.

Q. You just walked off around three, but you must be thinking of the excitement of going out in one of the final groups tomorrow.
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I'm hoping my buddy, Julian Suri, can make some birdies coming in. It would be fun to go out with him. Planning to have dinner tonight back at the hotel, so could have a few stories there if he plays his way into the final group.

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