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November 17, 2017

Magdalene Sagstrom

Naples, Florida

Q. Another good day for you.

Q. How did today compare to yesterday's round?
MAGDALENE SAGSTROM: I would say today was very similar in many ways. I played about the same. I really did.

It was okay off the tee and ball striking was fine. Putted really good. So I didn't have any big numbers, but I didn't make as many birdies either.

So it was very, very similar.

Q. You said yesterday that you really like this course. What is about this course this fits your eye?
MAGDALENE SAGSTROM: I think it's -- I mean, it's not tree-lined, but it's still very shaped. Like you have to really plan your shots and stuff like that.

It's a little longer than what we've played last few events that I played. A lot of long irons, which I'm hitting terrible at the moment. I need to go fix that.

But other than that, it's just fun. There are like the palm trees and the look of Florida. The greens are phenomenal. I love the greens.

Q. Only two more rounds in your rookie season. Have you had any time to reflect on this year?
MAGDALENE SAGSTROM: A little bit, but not too much. I'm going to go home -- my mom is staying around for another week, and after I'm going to go see my coach. I think then we'll sit down and go over everything, the whole season.

Then when I start looking through the pieces, then I can start grasping what's going on.

Q. You're having such a great rookie year. Can you talk a little bit about how different you feel now compared to your first events this season.
MAGDALENE SAGSTROM: Oh, well, my first event out here I finished absolutely last -- well, this year. So I mean, it's taken a long -- like I've gone a long ways.

I trust my game, and I especially trust that even if I don't feel on top, I can still play well. I've proven that to myself a bunch of times.

I feel at home. I feel more like I have a place out here. I mean, it takes that time to get used to everything.

I think that's kind of the biggest thing.

Q. Yeah, even just to be able to do this within one season though seems quick. It's very impressive.
MAGDALENE SAGSTROM: I mean, I think it gets in a habit. You do the same thing every week. Same thing, same thing, same thing.

But it's like once you know -- once you're like, Okay, I can still go out and play golf, and I figure out if I do in this, this, and this I'll enjoy that, and if I enjoy that I can do this and -- it's kind of like the whole package.

I've kind of figured out the life, like the life around it, how to build it up. It's been really nice.

Q. Was it an easy transition from amateur golf?
MAGDALENE SAGSTROM: Oh, no. Horrible. (Laughter.) No, it wasn't horrible, but I grew up playing a lot for the Swedish National Team, and you have the support system and they're always right there and you travel in a group.

Then I went to college, and if I played bad one there are four other girls still there. Then like, boom, you're on your own. You're like, Oh, wow. What you I do now?

It's definitely a big transition. You go from having all these people around you that support and believe in you, and then you get put out and, Okay, you're done. Go play pro. You're like, Oh. But what if I don't believe in myself right now? Who tells me that you believe?

It's a much lonelier world than amateur golf I would say. I mean, you get friends with people out here, but still want to beat each other every week. I think that's the biggest difference.

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