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November 17, 2017

Caroline Masson

Naples, Florida

Q. One bogey through two rounds. How has it been going so far?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I guess pretty good. I didn't realize, but, yeah, that's always good on this golf course.

There are a lot of tough holes. Some gettable ones, but a lot of tough holes. One bogey is good; made a lot of birdies.

Yeah, hopefully keep this up on the weekend.

Q. What sort of adjustment have you had to make for this course? In your previous starts here you haven't been all that successful. It's changed now.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I just haven't played well here. I had a couple things not going for me. One year I played with a broken finger, one year I was sick. Never really like 100%.

I guess the course didn't really suit me so far. This week I got a little tip from my coach. I am hitting it much better so I am confident out there; worked on my putting.

After Asia where you actually play a lot, we don't have a lot of the time to practice, I got a little practice in, got a little time with my coaches, and just a couple things here and there.

You know, really tried to fresh start and keep the bad memories out of my head and, yeah, just have fun this week.

Q. Anything you feel like you need to improve for tomorrow?
CAROLINE MASSON: You know, my driving maybe a little bit. Could be a little bit better. I thought yesterday was better than today, but overall of it pretty solid.

Just go through my routine, hit a couple balls, hit a couple putts, and, yeah, get some rest for tomorrow and just be ready.

Q. Are you a leaderboard watcher? Have you been paying attention much to what's going on out there?
CAROLINE MASSON: A little bit. If I got time, I see it, I look at it. It's only Friday so it really doesn't matter. I guess on the weekend I'll maybe look a little less.

Q. There are two rookies in the Top 5 right now. How impressive is that for players in their first full season to be able to keep up such a high level to the end of the season?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, no, it's super impressive. At the same time, rookies -- I mean, I was a rookie and I've already played three years on the European Tour.

You know, they're not like real rookies being out there for the first year. They're great players. I think we all knew that coming into this year.

Yeah, it's super impressive, and, yeah, should be excited to see who wins the million.

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