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November 17, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Naples, Florida

Q. Lexi, well-played today. Let's start with the beginning of the round. Couple bogeys in your first three holes. What was the self-talk at that point?
LEXI THOMPSON: Find my golf swing basically. Yeah, I hit a few really erratic shots in the beginning. It wasn't a good start to the round.

Just tried to stay positive and find something that could work for the last 14, 15 holes. My caddie, Kevin, help me with that.

Q. Looking at your stats yesterday versus today the ball striking actually looked a little bit better today. Obviously the putter worked better. What did you figure out on the green?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, my putting stats were pretty good because I hit a few fringes, so I actually got a few zero putts in there.

Yeah, it's just all a matter for me of just finding a rhythm out there on the golf course and feeling good about my swing and committing to my targets.

That's what I struggled with the a first few holes and got there.

Q. It's the question I feel like we keep asking you over and over, but it's so relevant, especially going into the weekend. You're in very good shape; chasing a lot of titles. How do you stay calm? How do you stay patient? How do you keep the nerves in check?
LEXI THOMPSON: Really just go and relax this afternoon. Get a little workout in and just hang with my family and friends and just enjoy the time being here in Naples being close to home and the beautiful weather.

Just really in the think about anything. Just go out there and play my game.

Q. Went from the green carpet last night, and fashion still on pointe.

Q. Another rough start like yesterday. How did you seem to turn it around?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I just hit a few erratic tee shots in the beginning of my round today. Tried to stay positive out there. My caddie, Kevin, helped me out a lot.

I really needed to find something to focus on with my swing to get me in that rhythm.

Q. What did you end up focusing on?
LEXI THOMPSON: I was working on something yesterday when I was hitting it very well towards the end of my round; that didn't quite work out for the first few holes today.

So just really committing to my targets and just feeling a lot more relaxed.

Q. How did the course play overall versus yesterday?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yesterday actually a little bit later in the round the wind died down a little bit. It was a little bit windier today I would say in the beginning of my round.

Besides that, the course is in such great shape for us. The greens are really firm. Not leaving too many ball marks out there. Couldn't ask for a better week for this golf course.

Q. Have you been paying attention to other stuff going on around on the golf course, or are you just staying with your own game?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I'm not really focusing on it at all. I just really wanted to play solid golf. Whatever happens, happens. I know I practiced so much in my off weeks and off-season.

I'm trying my best, so whatever happens, I'll be proud of myself no matter what.

Q. Was it strange teeing off on No. 10?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, a little bit. Going from a driver to a 4-iron on the first tee is always a little bit different.

Yeah, wasn't my best start, but I got it back.

Q. They announced an extension here through 2023. Tell me what that means being a Florida girl. You mentioned being closer, so knowing that it's going to be here for that long.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, that's great news. I love being able to drive to an event and have all my family and friends out here supporting me. It's my favorite event. It's just a well-run event.

CME does a great job with it, along with Rolex and the other sponsors.

Q. This is a particularly busy week for you with so much on the line. How are you staying focused and how are you balancing everything this week?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's been a lot. You know, I had an outing there at Old Collier for the Immokalee Foundation this Monday; had a dinner the night before; had the Rolex dinner last night; I had another dinner Tuesday nice, I believe.

So it's been a lot. But it is. It's just a very special week. The last week of the year. To be in Florida for that and to have everybody around me supporting me, that's what makes it.

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