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November 16, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Naples, Florida

Q. Very first round as world No. 1. You've been dreaming of this. How was it?
SHANSHAN FENG: On the first tee I was a little bit nervous because it was like the first shot after I became world No. 1. I didn't want to hit it in the trees. I was like, hopefully I can find a fairway. I hit it good shot, so I started the round with a birdie. I was happy about that.

Then afterwards, I started to get more comfortable. I mean, I played okay today. Just miss-read some of the putts. The greens here are hard to read sometimes.

Q. Given everything that's at stake and the No. 1 ranking that obviously everybody is talking about, now that you have the first round out of the way, so you think you can attack the golf course a little bit more? Maybe a little less pressure tomorrow?
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, yeah, I think so, because tomorrow I wouldn't be in the last group. I will be in one of the earliest groups and we can play fast. I've won here few years ago so I know the course.

I think tomorrow just stick to my game plan and hopefully bring a low round.

Q. Given your last four performances and the fact that you like this golf course, how high is your confidence level out there?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think every week I'm ready. You know, that's what my coach told me. You have to prepare like you are going to win the tournament. That's what I always do before the tournament. Then, I mean, my preparation is good enough to win the tournament. I think everything depends on how you really play on the course.

But I think I just want to enjoy the process, shot by shot, and then hopefully some good result will come up.

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