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March 22, 1999

Vincent Spadea


GREG SHARKO: First question for Vincent.

Q. Was it a very exhausting match out there?


Q. Do you remember a match where you've come off the court feeling as sapped as that, even the Chang match at the US Open?

VINCENT SPADEA: No. There have been similar matches. But this definitely goes down as one of the matches that made me work.

Q. How disappointing is this to you? You seemed to really be on a roll.

VINCENT SPADEA: It's one week out of the year. Just looking for progress every week. I had a good run here, so it's next time.

Q. Looked just about out on your feet at the end of the first set, but then you rallied back in the second. Did you catch a second wind? What happened?

VINCENT SPADEA: Yeah, I mean, it seemed at one point it was going to be a one-set match. I mean, that's not what the game is. It's two out of three sets, so you have to keep going. He wasn't exactly standing still the whole time. He likes to run. Obviously, he was going to continue. I felt pretty good. I mean, he just makes you hit a lot of balls. I just had to keep staying aggressive and look for my chances.

Q. There was a period in the first set where you began to serve and volley a little bit; had some success with that. You really never came back to it. Was it because you weren't getting first serves in?

VINCENT SPADEA: Yeah, maybe. Well, it's not totally my style of game. I don't want to be doing something consistently that's not something that I do in practice.

Q. (Inaudible)?

VINCENT SPADEA: It did. That's why I started doing it. He was floating a lot of balls. I was trying to cut them off. It worked for a few games. I was still looking to do it, just sometimes my first serve didn't go in. I've decided maybe I could just hit a short ball or something instead. You know, you don't want to deviate too much from what your style of game is, in general. I mean, the idea is to be able to build a winning style no matter who you're playing.

Q. In retrospect, any dropshots with the wind at your back?


Q. Yes.

VINCENT SPADEA: Well, I might have overdone it at some point. I just needed to get him off the baseline a little bit because he was standing way back just retrieving. Even if I lost the point, I felt like I needed to get him at the net where I didn't think he was best at. He had to run up. He wasn't used to that.

Q. Were you bothered at all by his behavior in the third set, where he sat down?

VINCENT SPADEA: I mean, controversy is going to come into play at some point along a tournament, whether it's bad line calls or, you know, whatever. That's just the way it goes. That's part of tennis.

Q. Where do you go from here?

VINCENT SPADEA: I'm playing in Europe on clay. So this was a good match to get ready for that.

Q. Estoril?

VINCENT SPADEA: Yeah, Estoril. I'm playing actually an exhibition tournament in Houston, River Oaks next week.

Q. Then Estoril?

VINCENT SPADEA: And then Estoril, Barcelona, Monte-Carlo.

Q. French Open?

VINCENT SPADEA: Right. I'm playing Delray Beach, too. This is the last hard court tournament for a while.

Q. You play four clay before the French Open?

VINCENT SPADEA: Well, there's a week off in between, then Delray.

Q. You play four lead-ups to the French?

VINCENT SPADEA: And Rome, the Italian Open. Those are Super 9's. I mean, I'm playing Delray Beach instead of the German Open.

Q. You said, "This is just one week out of the year." Is it tough to look at it that way when it's so close to home?

VINCENT SPADEA: No, not necessarily. Usually I have one of my best weeks of my year here, I mean in the past. I mean, I'm developing as a player where I believe I'm going to be able to make good results no matter where I'm playing. I'm looking for a steady ranking improvement, a steady improvement in my game. That's the bottom line. Everyone hopes and works for a Cinderella story where you go out and win a tournament, no matter what it is, like some players, very few players, have done. If that doesn't happen, you just can't go off and, you know, go back -- you have to go back to the practice court and keep working.

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