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November 16, 2017

Andy Sullivan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. You weren't sure whether you would make it into this tournament this year but you've made the most of your opportunity with a great opening round?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, it was a tight squeeze. Turkey and South Africa, obviously not the results I wanted. It's been quite disappointing really, season. Hopefully come back to somewhere where I've played well before and hopefully continue the form that I've got through out this round, really.

Q. You had a great run in the opening ten holes. What was different today from the last couple weeks?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Just gone back to hitting the fade again. Simple as that. Just felt like I got a lot more control over the ball. Haven't been doing that. Been trying to straighten the ball flight out, and it had not really been working out. So just gone back to what I was good at before, and there we go again straightaway; got another under-par round under my belt.

Q. Second here a couple of years ago, so you know this golf course well and what it needs to shoot well. How much do you draw on that experience when you play this golf course?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Massive. Obviously getting on the greens, you can remember holing a lot of putts and take a lot of confidence from that. It felt like the day was warm today, which is always nice to get a good start like that.

I think around here, you've got to be hot with the putter. I think it's pretty easy to get it in play and on the greens, but generally you've got to putt it well. It was nice to see a few dropping in early doors, really.

Q. Just finally, the final Rolex Series Event of the season. A good finish here would be a nice way to end the season for you.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. I want to come here and finish the season off well and go into 2018 kicking and flying again, so hopefully can finish off really well and get going next year.

Q. Five birdies in your first ten holes. Out of the gate you seemed to have your game in control. What was the biggest edge for you out there today?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, just gone back to hitting a little fade again. Struggling trying to sort of straighten it out a little bit throughout the year. Just hasn't been working out for us, so gone back to hitting my fade again and just feel much more in control of my golf ball now.

I feel like I can really start challenging the golf course instead of defending against it.

Q. A couple years ago, you nearly won this event. What is it about this golf course that you like?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, again, it's just something about coming to Dubai. I really enjoy coming out here and generally the greens really suit my eye. I seem to read them really well and get dialed in with the pace.

Last couple of times I've finished second here and at the Emirates, and I've putted really well. Good to get that going and it was good to feel really hot on the greens. Hopefully I can continue that for the next three rounds and hopefully not be the bridesmaid.

Q. Finally as someone who has struggled to get that fade going in the direction you wanted to go, how much more optimism now do you have moving into tomorrow?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I sort of found it last week, last round. Started growing in confidence with that, and then I've had two or three really good range sessions. Felt really good in practice but it was nice to go out there and do it under tournament conditions. Feeling good about my game and hopefully we can continue that.

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