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November 16, 2017

Paul Dunne

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 67 to get the tournament underway, pretty good start.
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, you know, felt pretty in control. A couple of loose shots in the middle but I didn't get in any trouble. My short game was really sharp.

All in all, yeah, I kind of played to my score. I didn't feel like I should have made any bogeys and was in control of what I was doing. So hopefully more days like that.

Q. What's been the biggest test around this golf course?
PAUL DUNNE: Well, I think the greens have a bit of grain in them, so judging the bounce, especially chipping. And just getting in the right portions of the green, because they are big.

But I think coming from last week down in South Africa, the course looks wide. Last week was so tight, and the greens were small. This week, the greens are much bigger but there's loads of different little sections.

So I think with your iron play, getting the ball in the right sections of the green is very important to have any chances of making birdies.

Q. Of those five birdies, which one gave you the most satisfaction?
PAUL DUNNE: I half forget the holes I birdie to be honest. Maybe the 13th was kind of a nice par 3. That was a bonus to pick one up there. I hit a nice 4-iron in and holed about a 30-footer. That was one you're just looking to get away with three and it was nice to pick one up there.

Q. A victory at the British Masters and you're 15th in The Race to Dubai. How nice would it be to finish inside the Top-10 for you this year?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, it would be great to win another tournament. I can't really control where I finish in The Race to Dubai. Depends how everyone else plays. Just got to try to do the best I can this week and check on Monday morning.

Q. Nice opening round from you today. How would you best describe your performance?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, you know, it's fairly solid. I hit maybe a couple of loose shots in the middle, but I hit them at the right time on holes I could get away with it.

Apart from that, my putting was good. My pace putting was great, which is key around this course and I was hitting my numbers. Everything felt good. I was striking the ball well, rolling it nicely. So if golf feels like that every day, I'll be happy.

Q. As you look back on this year, you have a victory and played very solid as you mentioned all through the year. What do you take away from the season as you continue to progress to become a great player?
PAUL DUNNE: I think the biggest thing for me is getting that first win, you know what I mean. You always want to believe that you can do it but until you do it, I suppose, you can't prove it to yourself.

So it's nice to know that I can do it when the pressure's on and hopefully I have another chance to do it on Sunday.

Q. Is there another level of confidence now that you have a W on your resumé when you tee it up in a tournament?
PAUL DUNNE: Well, not so much. The confidence comes from how you're playing on Thursday, you know what I mean. But definitely more confidence when I put myself in a position; I feel a lot more ready to close the door if I get myself in front, than I was beforehand.

But going into the week just depends how you're playing. If I'm not playing well, I'm not very confident. But right now, I am.

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