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November 15, 2017

Shannon Johnson

Houston, Texas

Extended interview:

Q. First question: It's hard to put in perspective the week, but you didn't have an A Game this afternoon.
SHANNON JOHNSON: No, yeah, definitely not. I did not hit the ball very well. Just kind of got, yeah, out of sorts. Should have capitalized on a few more holes than I did. 16 obviously was not smart. You know, pretty easy two-putt. Should have had that.

Q. When you struggle, it's hard to get the speed, right?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Right, right. Most of the day I didn't feel like my speed was that off. We had a lot of birdie chances, kind of definitely on the front nine. Just the pins are just in some tricky spots today.

Kept getting a little above the hole. Stuffed it on 10. Above the hole you can just barely hit it and it breaks two feet. It's hard to read that much.

You know, so that's just golf.

Q. Yeah. I know a lot of people didn't expect to see Mary Jane where she was.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Right, uh-huh.

Q. Yet there is a reason golf is game for all ages and a reason a player in their 50s can be dangerous.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Definitely, yeah. I mean, all the credit to her. She got up and down every spot that she needed to. When I couldn't capitalize on birdies, she was right there, par, halve the hole.

So a lot of those holes I probably won in the earlier matches, but she played awesome. She hit the ball where she needed to and got up and down when she needed to and made the putt. All the credit to her.

Q. Yeah. You're a very strong player in this championship.

Q. Your time is here now and you're playing wonderfully. I know you're frustrated, but can you tell me about this championship and how you felt during the week as whole?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, yeah. This golf course is awesome. I thought it really set up well for my game. You know, pretty much stroke play felt good; didn't make a lot of putts during that.

First few matches I was really getting my tempo down an was hitting it awesome. This morning was awesome. I hit it unbelievable. Didn't make as many putts this morning, but, again, these greens are just tricky. The pins were just crazy.

Q. Yeah.
SHANNON JOHNSON: But, yeah, it's a good. I like where may game is at. Obviously a little disappointed.

Q. I know too that when you get out of sorts you have Meg there to kind of keep you in tune. How important that?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Right, yeah. Obviously it's good to have someone that knows your game. She'll have to kind of do both roles at the four ball next April if I need it.

But, yeah, it's good to have somebody you can trust. Obviously she knows what's going on with the swing. Unfortunately it was just tempo and felt a little out of sorts.

Q. Is that something that you struggle with occasionally?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I think so. Just get quick and just lack of constant practice and play. Luckily we've had some awesome weather in Boston before this so we were able to get out a bunch. It just comes and goes.

To win this thing you got to get a little lucky, you got to play well, you got to win those matches like this afternoon.

Q. Yeah. And obviously the putts she made...
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, incredible. I mean, if that thing didn't hit the hole it was by eight, ten feet easy.

Yeah, it was an awesome putt. I just kind of missed my iron shot in there.

Q. We know we'll be seeing you for at least a couple more years.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Definitely. Oh, yeah.

Q. This is something you point to every year, isn't it?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, yeah. This is Super Bowl. I thought I could pull a Patriots win out there at the end, but that's okay.

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