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November 15, 2017

Shannon Johnson

Houston, Texas

Q. You had to feel good after you made the 24-footer.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, that was exciting, absolutely. Yeah, just really disappointed with how I played today. It's not just great. Give her credit. She got up and down from a lot of places and made par where she needed to.

Unfortunately I missed way too many birdie putts out there.

Q. Which stroke may have bothered you the most?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I think on 16, 3-putting; that was really silly on my part. I think I was just out of the sorts.

Then 17, I don't know what -- it was an out-of-body experience on that approach shot. It is what it is.

Q. Just chunked it?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah. Awful. I was lucky it didn't go in the hazard.

Q. What club did you have in your hand?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I had an 8-iron, so...

Q. How disappointed are you?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Really disappointed. I mean, I was playing awesome up this will this match. I had way too many opportunities to count on one hand that I easily could have turned this, could have flipped it and been 3 or 4-up at one point.

Q. Looked like a key one was when you had a good shot into 10. You had about five and a half feet and you just missed that birdie putt.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah. I mean, that pin is just ridiculous. I mean, I was above the hole and barely hit it and still broke two feet.

These greens are just incredible how much they break. Just wasn't able to get anything to go in.

Q. There were moments where it looked like you two were playing different courses.

Q. Somehow she found a way to get it in the hole.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Same thing happened last year in the finals. It was just you got to be scrappy and you got to make putts and get up and down.

It's unfortunate that I didn't have my best stuff this afternoon to give to a real go.

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