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November 15, 2017

Marissa Mar

Houston, Texas

Q. I'm going to have to start labeling you the comeback kid, right?
MARISSA MAR: I guess so. That's the theme for this week. Oh, man, it was a stressful one.

I've been oddly calm when I've been 3-down, and I guess it's helped me get through the day.

Q. This was a little more of a mountain than a hill to climb.
MARISSA MAR: Oh, yeah. You know, when I got 3-down, I knew I was 3-down yesterday and there were some turning holes where I got some back before the turn.

I wasn't able to do that today, and so as it got down the stretch, it was just like, All right, take her to 18. That was kind of like every single hole I was just like -- Randy was telling me, Fairways, green, give yourself a chance.

I just stayed steady and had pretty much all pars and let her come to me. It was just an odd thing since I was the one chasing her.

Q. She did birdie the 15th.
MARISSA MAR: She did. (Interruption.) Did I?

Q. Yeah.
MARISSA MAR: Oh, yes, I did. That was a great putt. I had been watching balls roll over the edges all day, and so it was getting to a point where I was like, One of these has to fall.

I got it to about 20 foot and just plopped dead center in the hole. So that was a great one to watch.

And then she came back the last hole.

Q. How did you par 17?
MARISSA MAR: 17, oh, yeah. I hit a perfect drive right down the center of the fairway, and then hit a nice little 5-iron into the green. I think I had about 170 into the green. Just left it above the hole about ten feet.

You know, had a little bit of a tester coming back because it was such a slick first putt, but I was happy to make that.

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