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November 15, 2017

Shannon Johnson

Houston, Texas

Q. So anyhow, it was kind of a rematch of last year as semifinal?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yes, absolutely.

Q. But this one you got on top early and stayed there.
SHANNON JOHNSON: I did, yeah. Yeah, the 1st hole definitely -- I'm loving that the course is playing a little bit longer than during the stroke play portion.

Yeah, the 1st hole is a hard hole. I was able to hit my driver, hit 5-iron just kind of middle of the green, and two-putt. You know, it's obviously nice to go up early starting out the match.

Q. Then you had a nice up and down from the back of the 9th green.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yes. I hit a good drive, probably one of the best ones of the week. Still had a good 230 and that pin is so tucked and you just can't be anywhere other than hitting a wedge in.

My layup went right into the rough. Most of the time you're going to get a bad lie, and I hit a 58. Thought I hit it perfect, and it must have just landed on the downslope and just kicked. I actually thought it went in the bunker.

But, yeah, so it was a good, yeah, 50, 58 degree up there and made a putt, which was good.

Q. And then I assume it was a conceded eagle at 11.
SHANNON JOHNSON: It was, yeah. So, again, I just feel that hole is right for me. If I can find the fairway, I can find the green.

Q. What did you have in there?
SHANNON JOHNSON: So we had 179 today, but it was playing a little downwind, so we just hit 6-iron. You know, obviously downwind, we hit it probably to about 15 feet.

So, yeah.

Then she got into a little -- she hit it short right (indiscernible.) And then missed the up, so, yeah, conceded eagle there.

Q. And then you closed out the match with a conceded birdie.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yes. On 15, right?

Q. 14.
SHANNON JOHNSON: 14, sorry. Yeah, 14. Yeah, hit an awesome drive. That hole I can hit 3-wood or I can hit driver. Today we hit driver. Awesome line. Hit it exactly where I wanted to. Had 90 yards in.

She had hit into the left hazard, so for us it was just playable (indiscernible). Don't even bring the water into play. Then she just didn't get up and down.

Q. What did you hit in with the 90-yard shot?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Just took a little bit off a gap wedge. Really kind of dialling in those distances. But with the wind into us, it wasn't enough room to hit 54 full, because if it got up there it was going to be way short.

Q. Since you've been here before, how much of last year is helping you right now?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I think it's good. You know, I've been -- I've felt really calm the whole week in the matches. Just kind of putting my head down, walking my pace, and just kind of really zoning out in between shots.

Once we get up to the shot just really try and execute and work on good tempo. This morning I didn't have as many putts fall in, but there were some tricky pins out there. Just kind of miss-read a couple, but hit them where I wanted to.

I can't be mad at that.

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