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November 14, 2017

Mary Jane Hiestand

Houston, Texas

Q. Two amazing 1-up victories today.
MARY JANE HIESTAND: Yeah, thanks. This morning I was 1-down going into 16; I made a great chip on 17. Hit the flag and ricocheted to a foot. She was in the bunker and didn't get it up and down.

So I got back to even, and then I nuked a 4-wood -- choked-down 4-wood into the wind on this hole. Hit it to two feet on 18 this morning, so that was really dramatic.

When I saw Meghan's lie I thought, Well, just get it up there on the green. I trust my putter more than anything on this golf course. So left that first putt pretty short, but I didn't expect her to miss, to tell you the truth.

It was a great match. She made a couple mistakes on 10 and 11. I made a good putt coming back on 10, and then she made another bogey or 11 and 12, 10 and 12. Something like that. You'll figure it out.

Then we just kind of halved holes there for a while.

Q. Yeah.
MARY JANE HIESTAND: And here we were. This is not supposed to happen.

Q. How many times have you two played through the years?
MARY JANE HIESTAND: Twice. We played in the finals of the state amateur in 2000 and maybe -- let's see, I won in '07, so it must have been '08 or '09. That's the only time I've ever played her in match play.

Q. Oh, wow. That's amazing, isn't it, with all the mid-am that you both have played.
MARY JANE HIESTAND: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So here I am.

Q. And you were here in '98.
MARY JANE HIESTAND: I was here in '98.

Q. Do you remember it?
MARY JANE HIESTAND: I remembered a lot of it but, you know, we had all that rain. You weren't here, but we had beaucoup rain, so the golf course was totally different. It was very wet, soggy, and very long.

It was very difficult for me in '98. I played Virginia in the first rounds. I don't know how bad I lost, but it was pretty bad. And that was like an 8:00-something tee time on Monday that didn't go until 3:40 on Tuesday because of the rain. We literally sat in that lounge for hours on end.

So, yeah, this is pretty exciting. Like I said, I didn't expect this at all. I just went out to play golf this afternoon and see what happens.

Q. It seemed I just caught a moment after the first match when you won 1-up with your shot. You hugged your husband and it seemed like a pretty emotional --
MARY JANE HIESTAND: Yeah, it is. It is. He's my biggest fan.

Q. John, right?
MARY JANE HIESTAND: No, Jeff. Jeff. That's okay.

Q. What's it like for the two of you out there on the course when you're in a match like that?
MARY JANE HIESTAND: He just keeps me calm, keeps me slow, gets me to slow down a little, and just keep me going. Say, Trust every shot. Hit your best. You know, he's really positive.

Q. He's your rock basically?
MARY JANE HIESTAND: He's my rock. And the last three matches, all three matches actually, I've been pretty calm. So I feel good about that, because I'm not getting the highs and lows that I can do. (Laughter.)

Q. Uh-huh. We all can, right?

Q. And had you felt anything coming into this week, that it could be a special week?
MARY JANE HIESTAND: No, not at all. I came from another tournament in San Diego. I literally tried to qualify because the tournament was in Naples. I was kind of at the point where I just -- you know, I love the Mid-Am. Don't get me wrong. I just felt like, You know, the kids are younger and they're hitting it farther, so on, so forth.

I felt like maybe the Mid-Am isn't for me, but at that time when I wasn't playing well in the Mid-Am it was when the Seniors and the Mid-Am were back to back. That was always tough for me.

So I came here late Thursday night, got four hours of sleep, played a practice round Friday. I knew that was all I needed on this golf course. I knew the fairways were big; I knew greens were big. I remember all that.

I actually was more rested not playing all these practice rounds and taking all these notes and everything.

I don't know. Like I said, I didn't expect this. I got to go change some flights and everything. (Laughter.)

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