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November 14, 2017

Julia Potter

Houston, Texas

Q. It was a great match.

Q. Talk to me a little bit about the match.
JULIA POTTER: Yeah, I started off pretty strong. Made some really great birdies at the beginning, but then she came back even stronger clearly. Made a great putt on 13 to kind of shut down what I thought was going to be a birdie and a potential win for me.

Then coming down the stretch just couldn't really get the putts to drop. Yeah, making it to 18 against a great opponent like that, I can't be too upset.

Q. You went 3-up after five holes with two birdies.

Q. Did you feel like you had some momentum right there?
JULIA POTTER: Yeah, I did. I also know that she's third seed, tied for medalist. She's found her game out here. I couldn't think, Oh, 3-up; I'm good to go. I made a mistake on 7 and she won with a par.

Made a great birdie on 8, and the next thing you know I hit it in the water. I hit it in the water on 10. I don't know what happened. Just a bad swing at a bad time and now we're all square.

Yeah, just kind of couple things went my way at the beginning and a couple things -- I shouldn't say my way and I shouldn't say her way. I played well at the beginning and she played well at the end and that's what happened.

Q. That double, just in case the writer wants to know, was it a bad club?
JULIA POTTER: Which one?

Q. You had a double on 10?
JULIA POTTER: Yeah, it wasn't a bad club, it wasn't wind. It was honestly just a bad swing, and then the next -- I pushed it out a little bit to the left, and with that pin placement I just hit the hill and it went all the way into the water.

So, yeah, it wasn't a bad club selection. It was just a bad swing and a bad time to happen.

Q. Did you struggle with anything today? Was it just a matter of give and take, back and forth?
JULIA POTTER: You know, I think for me, because I just haven't been able to play that much with the weather up in Indianapolis and everything like that, it was just some rust came through on certain shots. Safe to say that happened on 7 and again on 10.

Other than that, I felt like I put some really good swings on the ball, made some really good putts, but the rust kind of came through. You can't do that against an opponent like that.

Q. Right, right. And then back to I guess No. 16. Marissa bogeyed and that left her 1-up.

Q. Were you thinking, Okay.
JULIA POTTER: I mean, 17 is a tough hole, and so is 18 the way it's playing today. It was playing long, and with the pin placement it was hard to get to. As you can see, I had an issue.

Yeah, I always felt like I was still in it because I made those good swings at the beginning of the round. I didn't make bad swings at the end of the round. I just couldn't get things to drop. I almost dropped a great putt on 17 and just skirted by the lip.

So that's just how the game goes.

Q. This is a special event for you, isn't it?
JULIA POTTER: Yeah. I mean, it is a special event. I love playing in it. I love competing in it. I've had some really great history here. That's why I'm tearing up. I've had some really great moments.

With everything that's going on with my dad -- Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. With everything going with my dad, it was a nice kind of break for me to take with everything else in my life that's been kind of stressful with the wedding and work and everything like that.

So it was great to see a lot of friends and have a really great time. I love playing in this tournament. It's probably always going to be on my calendar as much as I can possibly make it. I look forward to next year in St. Louis.

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