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November 14, 2017

Kelsey Chugg

Houston, Texas

Q. First of all, tell me about you start off with an 85 and now here you are heading to the quarterfinals. How does that happen?
KELSEY CHUGG: I don't know. I was lucky enough Annette Gaiotti's husband, Don, caddied for me the second round. I had no one the first round. I think I mentally I just kind of not gave up, but I was having a hard time getting myself out of the funk I was in.

Don came in the second round of stroke play and got me back on track mentally. We were just hitting shots and trying to go for greens and fairways to make putts.

Then he was on the bag yesterday, too. He just had a great positivity about him. That really helped me out.

Q. What part of your game got better in 24 hours?
KELSEY CHUGG: Just started hitting it better. Just getting my ball striking back where it usually is and just working on tempo. I was a little nervous the first day, too. Now I'm just trying to play golf.

Q. Part of your good play getting used to this course?
KELSEY CHUGG: A little bit. The greens definitely are tricky and getting faster every day. They're obviously going to make it more difficult the farther you get.

I've just been trying to get to know the course, like you said, and make sure my lag putts are close.

Q. When you stepped to the tee this afternoon, you obviously knew Lauren had won this before.

Q. Does that go through your mind or you're good at blocking it out?
KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, you know, she has more experience in this situation than I do. That did go through my mind. I was definitely nervous, and it showed on the front nine. I wasn't hitting it very well and just kind of trying to be scrappy and get by.

Yeah, definitely thought about that and her success.

Q. You got up early; she came back. In the middle of the round you kind of took control. Was there a key moment that you thought, Man, I can win this thing?
KELSEY CHUGG: I think it was -- did I win 6?

Q. 7.
KELSEY CHUGG: 7. Yeah, 7. And then we wen to the par-3 and I finally -- actually I think I lost 5 and I was pretty mad, so I go to 6 and I'm just like I'm just going to hit a good drive and get myself back in play. Hit it in on the green and two-putted and I think she made a bogey. For me that was like, I can do this. I was like, I got my tempo back with my swing.

Went to 8, hit a good shot to 15, 20 feet right of the hole, and she ended up 3-putting. That really does hurt her today. I didn't make any birdie putts really, but she missed a lot of par putts.

Q. 11, though, was that a conceded birdie on the par-5?
KELSEY CHUGG: Nope. We both hit it on the green in two and I had maybe two and a half, three feet for birdie on that one.

Q. What did you hit for your approach shot and what was the yardage?
KELSEY CHUGG: 4-iron and I hit -- or the yardage was I want to say 167 to clear the bunker, like around 180 to the hole, something like that.

Q. Then you won 12 and 13, so three holes in a row.
KELSEY CHUGG: Uh-huh. I hit it close, within ten feet, on those holes. I think she was a little further away and blew it by and ended up three-putting.

Q. 12 is the par-3.
KELSEY CHUGG: She three-putted that one.

Q. What did you hit off the tee?

Q. So you get ten feet there.

Q. And then 13 you hit it out of the fairway?
KELSEY CHUGG: 13 -- still learning the course.

Q. Yeah.
KELSEY CHUGG: What does that hole look like? Straight par-4, right? I think I had pitching wedge. Wish my caddie was here. I'm blanking.

Q. Here you are in the quarterfinals. Did you ever think that could happen?
KELSEY CHUGG: Not after the first day for sure. I was just like trying to make match play the second day, but this is awesome. I love match play and I love everything about this. It's just so fun.

Q. How excited do you think your coworkers will be back at the Utah Golf Association?
KELSEY CHUGG: I think they'll be excited. We have our annual meeting this week for the board, and I guess they were watching all day yesterday online, so I'm sure they were watching today. I haven't checked my phone.

Q. I guess they'll have something to talk about at the meeting.
KELSEY CHUGG: Yeah, no kidding. I told Bill, our executive director, I was like, Sorry to take away from the meeting. He was like, Oh, no. It was awesome.

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