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November 14, 2017

Lauren Greenlief

Houston, Texas

LAUREN GREENLIEF: I three-putted 8, 11, 12, and 13 and kind of shot myself in the foot.

Q. Three in a row.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Three in a row, and then hit one in there to about -- I birdied 15; hit one in there to about three feet on 16, missed it.

Q. Oh, my.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: And then hit one in there to about eight feet on 16 [sic] and missed it.

Q. On 17?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: On 16, sorry. Yeah, just couldn't get the putter rolling.

Q. Got it. It's hard when you're the No. 2 seed and won this championship before. You know what it takes. Is there a mental aspect to it?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: There is. I mean, I've gone through and I know what it takes. I just didn't have the putter going today and didn't make putts I'd normally make. I think that's all it was.

Q. I know after you spoke after the first round this morning and you felt things were really clicking.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah. I didn't play my best this morning but hit good shots and didn't really three-putt, and this afternoon just speed was a little bit off. I think the greens were slightly slower maybe. I had a bunch of three-foot testers and didn't convert any of them. That kind of shot me in the foot. It happens though, it's golf.

Q. What's next for you? Any particular events?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I'm definitely in the U.S. Women's Four Ball next April with Katie Miller. I'm kind of toying with the idea of playing a couple times this winter, but we'll see. Nothing on the schedule yet.

Q. And obviously the four ball, you two are co-medalists in this championship.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah, we're a great team. I think I we complement each other well and are both kind of powerhouses and can make birdies. I think that's the key in four ball.

We'll have a warm up at the International Four Ball in February, and then go to the real one in April.

We'll see.

Q. Any other thoughts about the week in general? Obviously you played very well in qualifying.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: It's was a great week. It's a special place and an awesome golf course. It's just fun to play. Kind of sad I don't get to play it again, but overall it was a great week. Just trying to build momentum into next year.

Q. And you obviously tied the qualifying record.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah, I played some good golf. I was struggling a little bit with my swing coming into the week, so I was pleased to be able to bring it around and play some good golf.

Kind of let me down at the end, but that's life.

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