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November 14, 2017

Shannon Johnson

Houston, Texas

Q. So you got to be very happy to be back in the quarterfinals.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, it's obviously very exciting. Match play is a funny thing. You can get paired against someone that's got a hot putter, and if you have a slightly off day, you just lost.

So, yeah, I hit some awesome iron shots this afternoon, made some putts, and was really lucky to come out on top, because Dawn played awesome.

Q. Do you feel like your game is ready to go for next two days?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I think so. I think every time around this course we're figuring the greens out a little bit more, figuring out the lines off the tee.

Yeah, I'm getting more comfortable with what we've been working on with the swing. Yeah, again, like I said yesterday, it's fun to watch some putts go in.

Q. What is the biggest thing you have to know about these greens to make putts?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, I think you got to play more break. You get a lot of downhill putts, and you got to be really careful and play a lot more breaks than you would think. Just (indiscernible) and kind of some subtleties to them; they're just so massive. If you get in the wrong spots you're definitely in trouble.

I think we've been really good at -- luckily been in the fairway most of the time and been able to get in the right quadrants trying to get some more uphill putts if we can.

Then you can obviously be a little bit more aggressive.

Q. Putting obviously was a big key in the match that you just won.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Uh-huh, yes. We made a lot of putts. (Laughter.) Together we did, yeah. It was good.

Q. You still, however, got on top early.

Q. Won a couple holes with pars.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm tying to think.

Q. 3 and 6 to be precise.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, so 3, yeah, 3 I was actually a little bit in trouble off the tee. I didn't carry it quite far enough to carry that dogleg. Had to punch up just short of the green.

Didn't hit the best chip, but made probably a 12-footer coming back up the hill. Dawn had hit a little past, a little right. Didn't get up and down. Tough bunker shot.

That was good to get some momentum again and just kind of get going. You always want to keep your foot on the gas pedal. I was just trying to cruise around.

Q. Uh-huh. 6 you won with a par, too.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yes, 6. Hit a really good 3-wood. Hit my approach shot just a little bit left of the green. Dawn was in trouble off the tee left and then hit it left again and hit short.

So, yeah, just an easy two-putt to win that hole.

Q. And then you love that 11th hole I think.
SHANNON JOHNSON: 11, I finally found -- believe it or not, I actually found the fairway. Every other time I've been in that bunker left.

So it's not -- Dawn stepped up, she had the honors, and she hit 3-wood, but I knew if I hit a really good drive I would have an iron in. I smoked the drive; 6-iron in.

Q. What was your yardage on the 6?
SHANNON JOHNSON: We had 167 in.

Q. Okay.
SHANNON JOHNSON: So Dawn had to hit first and hit 3-wood right into the bunker. You know, I think having that drive out there made her push a little bit more on that hole. I knew if I could get it in the fairway I could easily get on in two and just two-putt; that's what I did.

She ended up hitting two in that bunker and got out and missed the putt. Conceded.

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