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November 14, 2017

Katie Miller

Houston, Texas

Q. Was it just too big a hole to come back from?
KATIE MILLER: Yeah, kind of. I'm just even trying to think of how the heck I got -- won 1, lost 2.

Q. Yep. And 3 she birdied; 6, birdied; 7 birdied.
KATIE MILLER: Yeah. She was making everything. There wasn't a 15-footer she didn't look at that she didn't make. I'm trying to think where my mistakes -- 10, I think had a not -- I just got too aggressive. I hit a really good drive. The ball a smidge above my feet, and that hole location was left.

I made a good really good aggressive swing, and I think it was a little too aggressive given the ball above my feet. So I pulled it a hair left of the flag, but once you hit on that slope, it's so severe that it wasn't that left, but because that slope and the water was there, it bounced down into the water just left of the green.

That one, you know, I think at the time, being 3-down, I guess, through 9. We halved 9 with birdies.

Q. Yeah. And then you went 4-down at 10.
KATIE MILLER: Okay, so then 4-down at 10. I think at that point you're kind of thinking, I got to win four holes and I got nine holes to do it. I think that was a mistake.

But, I stayed patient. She made a couple mistakes. Then I was actually playing okay. I had a birdie putt on 13; 14, it's funny. I went and hit a perfect tee ball, good second shot, and just rolled through into the bunker. Hit a great bunker shot. It just didn't release the way I thought it would.

If I had to do it again, I would hit the same shot truly.

Then I birdied 15, which was great.

Q. Yep.
KATIE MILLER: And 16 we both had good looks and neither of us birdied.

I thought -- I mean, 17 was a tough hole. At that point, she had kind of put driver in the bag. I'm like, You know what? I'm hitting driver. I hit driver, 5-iron. I hit it to pin-high. I had 20, 25 feet for birdie. She has like I would say 60 to 70 yards for her third shot; hits it up to about 15 feet.

I had putted mine up. She gave it to me for par. She was looking at a 15-footer to close out the match, and she made it. So, you know, as we were coming down the stretch I felt like I was -- I felt like I was controlling things, but at that point it is just kind of, you know, you're just down a little too much. Too big of a hole to get out of for sure.

Q. You ran into somebody that was hot with the putter.
KATIE MILLER: Yeah, I feel like I was making good swings. I really do. I don't feel -- my one bad decision was probably No. 10, getting a little too aggressive a little too soon I think at that point.

All in all, I didn't feel that bad. My goal was solid golf swings, and I really felt like I was doing that. So I can't be terribly upset with that.

It's a tough bracket to get through. No doubt about it. You have a lot of former Division I college players here, women who know their way around the golf course. A lot with experience, too, in match play.

If you kind of look at some of those, I mean, I never expect Ina Kim to lose yesterday. No chance. I thought she was going to stay. So you see it. It's a whole different marathon once that 64 bracket gets there for sure.

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