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November 14, 2017

Shannon Johnson

Houston, Texas

Q. You kept that same rhythm that you found.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, I didn't -- I hit the ball pretty solid, not great. I left myself in the right spots on the green. Had some good putts and was able to convert them, especially the first couple holes.

Q. You birdied the 3rd hole, right?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yes. Birdied 2 and 3, which were good. Yeah, 2nd hole was a pretty long putt and she had stuck it in there to six feet or so.

I was able to drop one in before she had her putt, which was good.

Q. Then how did you birdie 3?
SHANNON JOHNSON: So 3, hit 7-wood off the tee. Just cut the corner off, so we had 100 yards on the number. Hit a solo gap wedge and left myself about ten feet below the hole.

Q. Later on, you extended your lead. (Wind interference.)
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yes. (Indiscernible) in the left fairway bunker off the tee, which is fine. I mean, you can be in those all days out here because the lips aren't very high.

So hit an 8-iron out; had six yards in, and, yeah, just hit a little 58. Again, probably eight feet up the hill. Pretty easy.

Q. Then you came back and did it again the next hole, 12.
SHANNON JOHNSON: 12, yeah, so the pin was up front. We just hit 6-iron long, so we were -- that was a good 40 feet down the hill, which is fast, but you can't bring short into play on that one.

It was a fairly straight putt, just a little bit left to right. Had the perfect speed and just died in. Wasn't exacting that one to go in.

Q. That had to be pleasant, to see a long one...
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, because she hit to about 20ish feet she hit a good shot in there. It's kind of demoralizing when you see your opponent make that long one, so...

Q. The more you go around here are you feeling more comfortable?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I think we're reading the greens better. I think that was evident with the putting today, this morning. You know, ball striking comes and goes. If you can make the putts, makes everything else seem a little bit easier definitely.

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