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November 14, 2017

Lauren Greenlief

Houston, Texas

Q. So you got on top early.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah, started out the round pretty solid. Got a couple up early, and then was able to kind of continue to build off that lead mainly through making pars.

Hung in there.

Q. What were you doing well this morning?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Just staying in the hole. There were a couple times where I had hit it kind of a little off line. I had to go over or under a tree, but was able to get it up either on the green or close to the green and make pars and convert those to stay in the match.

Q. And you did birdie the 3rd hole to begin with.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Hit it in there three feet on the 3rd hole. Kind of a nice straight-up-the-hill birdie putt; was able to convert.

And then 9 I had 210 to the pin on the front of that green, and hit it kind of 205 just right on the front part and had an easy two-putt for birdie.

Q. Used the putter from off the green?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I was on the green. I was on the like very, very front of the green.

Q. Would that be considered the fringe?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: It was on the green. It was markable. I probably had about 12 feet and hit it about a foot, foot and a half past and tapped in for birdie.

Q. Closer than it sounded like. (Laughing) I mean, you know, 12 feet for eagle, that's...
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah, it was a good shot. (Laughing.) It was a good little (indiscernible) that kind of just chased up. 205 is about the most I can get out of that club, and 205 was the front. Got it right up on there.

Q. Are you where you want to be right now?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I believe. Taking it one match at a time. Kind of in that mindset. Trying to stay aggressive. I think if I do that, I have a pretty darn good shot.

Q. Last question: Now that you've been around the course several times, are you comfortable with everything on the course now?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I've been pretty comfortable the last couple days and know my lines off the tees and kind of where to hit it on the greens.

I felt for the most part there were some tucked pins or the there today, but there were a lot of pins that you can take advantage of, too.

I think being out there this morning gave me a good chance to see, Okay, I need to hit it in these spots in the afternoon.

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