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November 14, 2017

Mallory Hetzel

Houston, Texas

Q. A, congratulations.

Q. B, how hard is it for you, with your expectations, to just kind of not worry too much about outcomes, knowing that you don't get to play as much as you would like to obviously?
MALLORY HETZEL: It is tough. It is tough, because I think of myself as a good player, you know, as humbly as you can say that.

But, yeah, my priority is the team. My priority is my girls and making sure that they have what they need. When I can squeeze in some time for myself, I do. They do encourage me to play and practice a lot with them. I do owe them a lot of credit in encouraging me to keep my game up and pushing me.

We're always playing these competitive games back home, and that does a lot for my confidence and for just getting reps in and getting work in. But it is tough to manage it. I have to remind myself occasionally, Look, this isn't your full-time job. I go back and forth.

Q. But the encouragement from the school and from your players must really be huge.
MALLORY HETZEL: Oh, absolutely. They're so supportive, from my players, my assistant coach, my administration, our donors. Everyone is super supportive. They've been texting me, calling me wishing me well. They're loving it just as much as I am.

Q. That's great. This match, do you know Katie at all?
MALLORY HETZEL: Yeah, I know her and her sister really well. We go back to junior golf, college golf, and a little bit of Futures Tour golf, Katie and I did. They're a great family and I just have a lot of respect for her.

Obviously I knew it was going to be a tough match. Not saying that I packed my bags last night, but I may have neatly arranged my clothes in my suitcase. Obviously she's the No. 1 seed for a reason. I knew it was going to be a tough match. I was lucky to have won.

Q. What was the key? You got up and stayed up. You were up as much as 4.
MALLORY HETZEL: Up as much as 4, and then I had just two really bad swings. Put two balls in the water. If you do that against a great player, you're going to lose the hole.

Then she birdied 15; we halved 16 with pars; then I just made an incredible up and down on 17. It was in the right rough about 80 yards. She had 25, 30 feet for birdie. I hit it up there maybe 15 feet. She missed her birdie putt, and then I made the putt for par to win.

That was pretty great.

Q. How to you build the lead?
MALLORY HETZEL: Made a lot of birdies there on, what was that? I birdied 7, parred 8, birdied 9. Must have been another birdie in there somewhere.

Yeah, was just really good on the front nine. Sprinkled in a few birdies and had some good pars. She didn't have her best stuff today. If she would've, she probably would've taken me.

Q. Or we might still be playing.
MALLORY HETZEL: Sure, exactly.

Q. Your caddie is from North Carolina. What's the connection?
MALLORY HETZEL: Jim Moore is a long-time good friend of mine. The plan was originally when it was going to be in Naples, he has a house in Fort Myers. I know him from my time at Western Carolina. He's a big Western Carolina donor and supporter. Was a supporter of my team there. That's how we struck up our friendship.

I was going to stay with him in Fort Myers when the championship was going to be in Naples. Kind of had the whole thing worked out. Then when they moved out here, he said, I would still like to come if that's okay with you. I said, Of course. I would love to the company.

So, yeah, he's out there pushing the little pushcart around and trying to keep me calm.

Q. Your mindset now, it's not like this is gravy or I'm I'm just thrilled, but how are you feeling?
MALLORY HETZEL: I played two really great players in Corey and Julie. I told both of them that I would try to go as far as I could for them. I think that's the respectable thing to do when you beat two champion golfers.

I know Lisa and Courtney really well. That'll be a tough, tough match because they're both great players and because they're good friends of mine.

That's just kind of how this things works sometimes. The expectations are to just keep doing what I'm doing and we'll see how it shakes out.

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