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November 13, 2017

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

London, England, United Kingdom


7-6, 6-7, 10-8

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you think it sort of got away from you a bit the first set, and you came back strongly in the second?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, that's fairly obviously. We kind of had it on our racquet in a way, then we let it slip. Yeah, we fought hard to come back in the second set. I think we were a break down, and came back.

We didn't get a great start in the tiebreak. We tried our best to get it back. We got to 9-8, but was just little short, yeah.

Q. Does it feel a bit like kind of the story of your season, that you've been close at times, close to getting the big wins, beating the big pairs, but hasn't quite gone for you as often as you would have liked?
JAMIE MURRAY: I guess so. I mean, yeah, we lost quite a lot of matches like that this year. But, yeah, we just need to find a way to do better in those moments, yeah, close things out when we have the chance.

Q. What do you think of the standard of line calling today? Seemed to be a lot of overrules.
JAMIE MURRAY: It's fine, I think. I wasn't sure if there were overrules or not because people challenge, whatever. But, no, it's fine.

Q. Is that one of the things that sort of separates the Bryans from a lot of other pairs: over the years they win so many of those close matches? Not so much the last few, but over their career.
JAMIE MURRAY: I mean, they obviously, you know, over the years have been the best at putting the ball in the court when they need to, hustling those extra shots, forcing guys to miss in the end. I mean, obviously they're not like at their peak now.

But today, like, they hustled a lot of balls back at the baseline. They made some reflex stuff as well. Once they're up at the net, it's difficult to get the ball by them.

Q. Big showcase for doubles here. Last week at the NextGen event, doubles didn't feature at all. It's an event about the future of tennis. Were you disappointed there was no doubles in any way?
JAMIE MURRAY: To be honest, I didn't think about it at all. Yeah, it didn't occur to me really whether there was doubles or not.

I don't think it would have made that much difference to the event really. It's not like there's young guys just really playing doubles. They would have had a hard time finding eight players, I think, under 21 to play in the doubles event.

Q. Jamie, as a football fan, Michael O'Neill has been made the evens favorite now to be the next Scotland manager. What do you think he might bring, and whether you'd welcome that?
JAMIE MURRAY: Obviously, he's done a great job with Northern Ireland. Who knows, you know. It's not easy to be Scotland manager, that's for sure (smiling).

Q. Jamie, how do you feel your game is compared to this time last year?
JAMIE MURRAY: Eh, I think I probably improved a bit. Improved a little bit of stuff on my return, second shot. Yeah, I mean, I've been working hard the whole year, like, trying to keep improving my serve always because it's obviously an important shot for me with my lefty-ness, keep trying to kind of master my lefty serves.

Yeah, I would like to think so. I mean, yeah, I feel like I have got better.

Q. Bruno, will you be following the football tomorrow night? Are you going to go?
BRUNO SOARES: No, I'm not going to go. Thought about, but it's tiring. It's a long event, walking there. But I'll try to follow, see if I can to watch from the hotel.

My friends and my brother probably going to go. I'll let them enjoy this one.

Q. Do you know any of the players from home at all?
BRUNO SOARES: I know Dani Alves well. It's the only one. I've met some of them, but Dani is the only one that I talk to him sometimes. He went to Paris to watch us. When I'm where he's playing and stuff, we usually go for dinner. Good guy. But the rest, I just met some of them in events and stuff.

Q. I think I saw on your social media, Bruno, that you were in Milan for the NextGen thing, is that correct?

Q. How come you were there? What did you think of it?
BRUNO SOARES: Well, Brazil being very far from Paris, I had to go somewhere. I decided to stop by Milan just to check it out, the new event. So I went there for two days, just to see it. I was curious about the event, the things they were going to try.

It was a really nice event. Good city. Enjoyed it a little bit. I had a couple days off before I started practicing here, so that's why I went there.

Q. Were you involved in this party thing at all that caused a bit of controversy?
BRUNO SOARES: 'Involved' is not the best word. I was there. I was not involved. I didn't organize it (smiling).

Q. I mean, we weren't there. Was it like people said it was?
BRUNO SOARES: I don't think so. No one there seemed to be bothered with anything. I was, to be honest, a bit surprised with all the negative it got. I understand people not liking it, the way it was.

I don't know, for me it was just an event. We were there. No one said anything. We enjoyed. Couple laughs here and there. We all left. Then it got a bit crazy.

Everyone's got their own opinion, so... Got to respect that.

Q. Bruno, you said you're not going to the football, it's a lot of time on your feet, standing up. Is that the sort of thing that is a consideration for you all the time? Do you think about that with everything you do? You can't go shopping too much...
BRUNO SOARES: Yeah, depending on the competition and depending what we're doing next day, I do consider it, yeah. I mean, if you weren't playing next day, I definitely would go. Maybe on a normal event, I would also go, playing next day.

I went to PSG in Paris. Same thing, walking a lot and standing. But weren't playing the next day.

I do consider, yeah. Sometimes, you know, getting to the Tube, getting there, walking, long game, walking back. Plus not having proper dinner, eating at wrong time, things like this.

I mean, here is such a big event, you got to be rested. It's end of the season. Got to consider that.

Q. Jamie, we haven't had a chance to talk to you since Glasgow. What are your thoughts on how Andy pulled up on court, how you thought his movement was, what you think his physical condition is right now?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think he did fine. I mean, I think it was a good test for him. I think he was probably pretty happy with how he went. He seemed to be moving pretty well, I thought.

Yeah, I think his goal is obviously just to get ready for next year and be, you know, fit and healthy for Australia.

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