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November 13, 2017

Marissa Mar

Houston, Texas

Q. So you got up big, made the turn, and then you had to fight her off.
MARISSA MAR: Yeah, no, I think she made some great plays the start of the back nine. She birdied the par-3 -- or birdied 10, and then the par-3, 12. She made a great putt there.

Yeah, so I found myself going from 5-up to 3-up. You know, kind of fell asleep on a couple holes. I felt like I needed to be a little more aggressive than I actually needed to be. I mean, a 3-up lead is pretty good still. I think I was getting a little greedy with that 5-up lead.

But, you know, down the stretch I just had to really grind my teeth and get it done.

Q. Do you feel like even in a win you learned a lesson today?
MARISSA MAR: Oh, absolutely. I mean, I knew going into the day that playing as the No. 3 seed against the No. 61, 61 seed, those are almost the most dangerous opponents. They come out with very little to lose. She had to come out and play playoffs this morning, so she was up early already and got a few swings in and got a look at the course.

So, yeah, I knew coming into the day that I was going to have to have a good game, but she really did test me down the stretch.

Q. Tell me about your start, though. You birdied the 1st hole.

Q. Tell me how you did that.
MARISSA MAR: Yeah, so 1st hole I -- let's see if I can remember that. I hit a good, solid drive right down the middle. I want to say I had -- oh, I hit a 5-iron in I think, 5- or 6-iron, and hit it right over the flagstick.

So I was already picking up where I left off yesterday in terms of my hitting, and rolled a really solid one in.

Q. How far was that?
MARISSA MAR: It was probably I want to say 20 feet. It was a good putt, because it had rolled out to the back.

So I was happy with that start.

Q. Then you won a bunch of holes with pars.
MARISSA MAR: Yeah, exactly. I got a great quote from Lynne Cowen who I grew up looking up to and playing with. She messaged me and said, Par will be your friend today.

So, you know, I kept steady on the front nine, and that's all I needed to do.

Q. Then you got it nine, the par-5.
MARISSA MAR: Yep. And I played smart there. That was one I was actually really happy with, my decision making there. I had a really solid drive, and I saw that she pulled out her 3-wood and she was going to go for it.

She was behind me, and I knew that even if I had just cranked a 3-wood I wouldn't even get to the pin. I knew where the pin placement was, you know, back right. I stayed disciplined and just hit a little I think 5-iron up the left side after she went for it and she came short, left herself short-sided.

I just hugged the left side with my -iron and hit an 80-yard shot to about three feet. I was really happy with that one.

Q. What club did you use?
MARISSA MAR: That was my 58-degree, yep.

Q. And I was going to ask, as you saw your lead kind of shrinking, was there a moment or shot that settled you down?
MARISSA MAR: I think when it got down to just 2-up I was pretty flustered at that point. I'll definitely admit that. My caddie, Randy, was doing his best to calm me down.

It was one of those moments where I was really bummed that I had fallen asleep on the last few holes and just my decision making wasn't as clear as it had been the last couple days.

I think my par-3 shot into 16 is what really calmed me down. I had been kind of a little iffy on my irons just because I had been having to punch out of trees and shape shots because my drives weren't leaving me in the best spots.

But that one I hit solid and left myself with an 11-footer and just gave me a little more confidence.

Q. What did you hit off the tee on 16?
MARISSA MAR: On 16 I hit an 8-iron, uh-huh. I think I had a 140 shot, something like that, 135.

Q. And after that it was like, I'm back.
MARISSA MAR: Yeah. It was kind of like -- I mean, I should have made that putt. I left it on the line two inches short, so that one I wasn't very happy about.

It also gave me the confidence of like, Okay, I'm going to go tee it up on this next one, and I still have a 2-up lead. Just get a good drive.

And then I hit a perfect angle into the green and I had a sitting-up lie in the first cut of the rough. I was like, Okay, this is fine. This is good.

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