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November 13, 2017

Julia Potter

Houston, Texas

Q. So you didn't have your best stuff today, but you still pulled through.
JULIA POTTER: Yeah. Like I said, you don't have to be good, you have to be good enough; that's match play. That's exactly what happened today.

Yeah, I won some holes with bogeys, but like I mentioned before, it was because she was going to have to make some long putts to save bogey, so I might as well just nestle up my long putts to a safe distance where I didn't think I would really give away the hole.

Q. I've heard today that hole locations are pretty tough.
JULIA POTTER: They were brutal. They were tucked. They were challenging. I was kind of surprised to see them be that difficult on the first day.

But when you do that, I think it makes some matches really interesting. Usually it brings the cream of the crop out of the round of 64. I think that's what happened today.

Q. Do you subscribe to the theory that everyone has to go through at least one of those matches where you don't have your best and you still win?
JULIA POTTER: Yeah, I mean, I think winning a USGA Championship, there is some luck involved. I've played some great rounds of golf and I've been 2-under and that match has gone to 21 holes, and I've been 8-over and I've won 4 and 3.

To put six amazing rounds together is I would say almost impossible. You've got to have a little bit of luck and hope that who you're playing against, you can beat them that day.

Q. You had an early lead. She came back and squared the match. You got back on top with a birdie on 9. How did you do that?
JULIA POTTER: Well, she actually got in trouble off the tee and conceded my fourth shot after I put it in about 20 feet and she was about it hit for 6. I mean, that's really what ended up happening.

From there, I dropped a nice probably 25-footer to save par on 10 to kind of keep that 1-up lead, and then took that momentum into the following holes.

Q. The putt on 10, that kind of settled things down?
JULIA POTTER: Yeah, I think it did. I mean, she had made a really nice putt to save par on 1 to kind of get me where I thought I was going to be 1-up after 1.

So I felt like -- I was like, Okay, 1 and 10 are really similar and I'm sitting in the same situation she is. Maybe I can make this putt, and I did. So that really helped.

At that point in time I felt like anything could -- go into that par-5 all square really anything can happen. It gave me more of a cushion going, especially into the par-5 and the par-3 after.

Q. What are you going to work on between now and tomorrow?
JULIA POTTER: Putting. It wasn't where I wanted it to be. I don't think you can win a USGA Championship if you're not putting well.

I got to get that together.

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