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November 13, 2017

Shannon Johnson

Houston, Texas

Q. You got off to a good start, so must have found something with your tempo.
SHANNON JOHNSON: I did. Yeah, thought about it last night, so brought a couple things to the range this morning. Was working on it and it worked out well; hit the ball a lot better. You know, made an awesome putt on the 2nd hole.

Q. Tell me about that.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Big sidewinder. So I hit a really good drive on 2; only had like 55 yards in, but kind of to a tucked pin. Hit it pretty well, the approach shot, but it just kind of rolled a little bit past. I had a big left-to-right swinger, and just had to -- you know, all these putts you just got to hit high enough, otherwise they're going to shoot left or right if you miss it.

Awesome speed and went right in.

Q. About how long?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I would say about 18 feet; it was also up on the fringe. But I said to my caddie, It's fun to actually see one go in from the distance.

Q. So gave you that positive...
SHANNON JOHNSON: Absolutely, yeah. I kind of felt a little -- the stroke play part I was a little tentative on some putts just because you don't want to roll them three, four feet by and have those coming back.

Today you can be a little bit more aggressive, which I got some putts to the hole; that's how they go in.

Q. You birdied 8 and 9.
SHANNON JOHNSON: So 8, yeah, she gave me that one on 8. She put it in the hazard on the front.

Q. How far were you?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I actually hit a good shot pin-high. I probably had about 18 feet.

Q. Okay. What did you hit in there?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I hit 8-iron, about 143. So you could pretty much go right at it. You had room on both sides.

So that was good.

And then birdied 9. Conceded that one, too, but hit it to about three feet.

Q. What did you hit in there?
SHANNON JOHNSON: We had about 77 yards, so took a full 58 and hit it perfect, right where I wanted to.

Q. When you left the ninth green, did you say to yourself Hey, I got revenge on those three holes?
SHANNON JOHNSON: A little bit, yeah. Yeah, so when we were on 7, we had 8-iron there, too, so about 141 what we had in.

So we hit it good, hit it solid. You know, pretty much pin-high, just a little bit long. Caddie said, That was a little bit better than yesterday. I agreed and said, Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about where I hit it yesterday.

Yeah, it's good when you have full clubs and you feel confident rather than having to take some off, like that next -- you know, 8, that par-3. I had to take some off yesterday. To hit full shots was just fun.

Q. So you've been on this trek before.

Q. How did you compare it to last year a little bit on what you stand?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, I think my game feels good. Nice to see some putts roll in today. That's kind of the whole thing: just getting confident with your putting and know that the putts are going to fall.

I think you definitely have to scramble a little bit as well, but there are birdie holes out here. There are some holes on the back that are a little tougher, and that's kind of how Erie played last year.

If you were down, I felt like you could get some back on the back nine. Some of those holes played a little bit tougher. I felt really good on the back nine every time I've played it, so I feel pretty comfortable.

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