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November 12, 2017

Kevin Harvick

Avondale, Arizona

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Kevin Harvick, driver of the No.4 Busch Light Ford, who finished fifth today but will be moving on to Miami to contend for his second Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship as a member of the Championship 4. Kevin, just talk about what it means to move on to contend for another title.
KEVIN HARVICK: It means a lot, especially this year, switching everything from our manufacturer to Ford, and just seeing the steady climb of performance and peaking as the playoffs started and running good on really every racetrack that we've been to, and this has by far been our best round, all three top 5s and a win, so it's the right time of year to be peaking. I feel really good about our mile‑and‑a‑half program. Homestead has been a great racetrack for us through the years, and hopefully we can go down there and contend. I think for us, I think you're really, really happy with where you are just for the fact of I think as a company we know what we went through and kind of playing on house money at this point, so we're going to go down there and wing it, see what happens.

Q. Kevin, earlier this week Tony said about you, he said something to the effect of I've seen this script before, and when Kevin goes down to Homestead, he thinks that the championship is over, that you're going to just go down there and be a killer and win it. Is it that easy, or is it that easy for you?
KEVIN HARVICK: I mean, we have every intention of doing that. I mean, our intention is to go down there and win the championship, and I think if you're one of those four and you don't have that mentality, you're not prepared for what you're getting into because it's‑‑ I feel like you're going to have to win the race. You're going to have to not make mistakes, and we've seen it year after year, mistakes and circumstances and things. Things happen, and you have to be‑‑ you have to be there first. You have to have a chance, and you have to think you can do it, and we know we can do it. I think there's three past champions and the guy that's run well all year and won a lot of races. It's not like it's going to be just check the box and send the check. It's guys that have done this before and won races. But for us, we're confident in our team and feel like we should have a chance.

Q. As you noted, three champions and Truex; from the mental toughness aspect that is required to win a championship, is this maybe the strongest field, like there's nobody really out there that can be rattled?
KEVIN HARVICK: I wouldn't say that it's the strongest field because I think as you‑‑ you look at the past, and if I'm not mistaken, I know the 78 has been there, the 18 has been there before, obviously. I don't know if Brad has been there or not in this particular format. But it's not something that these guys are just going to cave in and give up on what they're doing. Three of us have won championships, and Martin has won a lot of races this year. The pressure is really on the 78 and the 18. Those guys have dominated the year, and I feel like if they don't win at this point, they would probably feel like they've had a letdown. It's a lot of fun coming from behind and playing catch‑up and kind of playing that underdog role is much easier than being expected to go down there and win. We expect to win.
THE MODERATOR: Kevin, thanks for joining us.

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