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November 12, 2017

Haotong Li

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Lowest round of the week with a 64. Incredible for us to watch. What was it like for you to do.
HAOTONG LI: It's incredible. Since The Open, it's been a while, didn't play well. Right now, pretty good tournament for me.

Q. You birdied 14 to go 8-under par for the day which put you two behind the lead. Did you then have a goal in mind, a target score?
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, I think probably going to need one or two, because my game was really, really good today. Just sometimes, need some luck, and also saved par on 16, that was a big par. I missed on the last by six feet, but whatever. It's really, really good for myself today.

Q. Just clarify one thing for us. You were announced on the tee Li Haotong, but Li is your surname. Haotong is your first name; correct?

Q. So we should call you Haotong when you come for an interview; I'm not going to get it wrong, am I?
HAOTONG LI: You can call me HT if you want.

Q. Fantastic round of golf, a 64 on the final day. Just give us your thoughts.
HAOTONG LI: Incredible today for myself. Since The Open, it's been a while. Didn't play well. Actually I just missed one shot today on 16, the tee shot, and I mean, it's an amazing day for me.

Q. Incredible start, 5-under par through six holes.
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, after six holes, I started to look at the leaderboard. At that time I just saw that I can finish Top-10, really good.

I can't believe, the last four holes, I got a chance at least. Unfortunately I missed a couple putts, especially 15 and 18 inside ten feet.

Q. How nice to hit a good run of form going into Dubai next week, the final event of the year.
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, gave me a lot of confidence. Didn't play well in two months already, so gave me a lot of confidence and good things are coming.

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