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November 12, 2017

Martin Kaymer

Sun City, South Africa

Q. All got going in a positive sense around the middle of the round for you, but not a lot that was really going for you today.
MARTIN KAYMER: The first nine, I didn't really use. The first five, six holes, I lost two shots on 2, and 5, I think it was. That really killed the momentum of trying to win the golf tournament.

Then it was more about trying to finish maybe in the top 5, top three. Then all of a sudden I had four birdies in a row, and I thought, maybe, if you give yourself chances coming in, maybe there's a chance to play for the win here. But it wasn't meant to be. I made a couple mistakes coming in.

Q. On the positive side, how much now are you looking at this as a platform for going into next week and beyond into 2018?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, I was playing very well -- well, I scored very well the last four days, which was nice. Now it's just about resting for the next two, three days, and then obviously it's a very, very big week for us in terms of Ryder Cup points for next year. I know exactly what I need to do in the wintertime, what I need to work on.

Q. This golf course has caught plenty of people out this week. How have you enjoyed the overall experience of playing in Sun City?
MARTIN KAYMER: I always enjoy it because I've done well here in the past and I usually do well here. I like the crowds. They are really on my side. I get a lot of support. Coming to South Africa, it's a shame that they have only one really big tournament here. In my opinion, they should have a couple more.

Q. Your best performance so far in the Rolex Series this year, as well.
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, I did very poorly in the Rolex Series before, so it wasn't very difficult to beat.

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