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November 12, 2017

Scott Jamieson

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Obviously disappointing not to come up with a victory but you pressed Branden all the way. How do you feel about today's round?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Obviously initially disappointed, yeah. I got off to a nice start and things were looking good. Got a little blip on No. 8.

Branden got off to a fast start. All three of us were going along nicely there. And like you just said there on 16, perhaps if my chip had gone in, it might have been a different store.

Q. What happened on 16? The tee shot, you got a little bit lucky and almost ended up making a birdie.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, shanked it. Good for about one shank a tournament. Unfortunately it popped up right there.

Really tough flag where it is today and you can't feel the wind on the tee, so it's an awkward shot. But it wasn't quite a full-blown shank, but definitely got a piece of the hosel.

Q. It's been a tricky week this week, tested sort of all range of your golf skills over four days, hasn't it, here.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, it has. I'm sure I'll look back and take great pride with that. Played with some of the best players in the world this week and proved that I can compete with them. So hopefully I can take something out of it.

Q. You come into the week, 75th in the rankings and you're now comfortably into Dubai next week. That must be massive, as well. Now looking for a positive end to the season?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, of course. That was the goal coming here to try and get into Dubai. I kind of needed really top eight or something to do that. Second's pretty good.

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