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November 11, 2017

Coco Vandeweghe

Minsk, Belarus

C. VANDEWEGHE/A. Sasnovich

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were very self-confident in the first set. The second set you were quite nervous. We'd like to know your comments on that.
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Well, first set, you always feel a lot better when you get a break in the first game. From there, there was nothing really threatening me. I don't believe she had a breakpoint in that first set.

Then the second set, it was a little bit disappointing. I knew she would come with fight in the second set.

But mostly the second break that I had at 4-3, I had 40-Love, kind of had a brain fart moment. Otherwise, I was really pleased with how I played, how everything transpired from the fight she gave, to the crowd, to my own crowd that was there. I was really happy from there.

Q. Obviously your Fed Cup record this year is great, haven't lost a match yet. Do you take that onto the court? Does that help?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I think confidence is brought through the whole year. I think there's different moments that excite you in tennis. For me, Fed Cup is probably one of the more exciting moments I could have in my career.

I think I just, I don't know, I don't want to use the word 'ooze' confidence, but I can't think of a better word.

I just take the energy that's around me and I really use it to my advantage. It's really interesting, I played a few away ties, but this one is extra special to play an away tie.

Q. In the semifinals, you played against the Czech Republic. You won three games. What are your expectations here?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Well, I look at the matches one at a time. I focused on the first match, which I did my job there. Now for today I'm going to go and be a good teammate.

As far as the second day, I will prepare myself as well as possible, give as much fight as I can in the second match. That's all I can ask for from myself.

Q. Is it possible you will play doubles tomorrow?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Anything is possible. It's up to the captain to see who is playing the best at this moment. Shelby and Alison are nominated. Hopefully it doesn't come down to doubles. Hopefully we win in three. That would be the best possible scenario.

If it does come down to doubles and the captain asks me to play, I'll be ready.

Q. Your backhand is a weapon. Is it a new weapon for you or was it instrumental in a situation as today?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: She kept hitting it to my backhand, so I better make some good shots.

But I try to be as complete of a player as I can. Whether it's playing more forehands, playing more backhands, coming to the net, I am constantly working on becoming more of a complete player so it's harder to find a weakness.

Q. Were you surprised with her play today on the court?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Well, I think the most surprising thing for me was the way she served. It's tricky when you've never felt the ball of the opponent. But I think I handled it very well off the ground.

But definitely I would say the most surprising factor was her serve.

Q. Pat Cash came here with you. He has a great Davis Cup history himself. How does he feel being with the girl's team? Does he share some stories with you from Davis Cup?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Actually he shared an inappropriate story from his time in Mexico. I don't think I can share it. It was more what the teammates were watching instead of getting ready for the match. I'll let your imaginations do the work.

I asked Pat to come because I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to perform well. I'm sure it's different for him to be in a Fed Cup setting with a lot of girls that he's never interacted with, because he's fairly new on the women's tour.

But I think he enjoys the team aspect. I don't think he would have performed as well as he did in Davis Cup if he didn't.

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