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November 11, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Hainan Island, China

THE MODERATOR: What were you thinking on the last hole when Moriya facing a birdie putt?

SHANSHAN FENG: Reliving the moments, from the last -- my opponents, actually, the first one, Ashleigh made a mistake and that might have had actually affected Moriya a little bit because Moriya, with that birdie putt, actually if she made it, it would be a different situation.

I was hoping that Moriya would make it because I was waiting for the playoff already. However, that didn't happen because I didn't realize that actually the par putt that I was facing could be so, so, so important, and I was really nervous, especially on the half a yard, I was a little bit nervous, even shivering. And once that was in and I was the champion, I was so delighted.

Q. What has been your motivation in your LPGA career? When did you think you would become world No. 1?
SHANSHAN FENG: I do tend to set up a long-term plan or objective for myself, but I also tend to do it step by step, from short term, medium term to long term, in a sense.

For example, when I was 12. I set the goal to go to the LPGA. At 18, I actually entered the LPGA and realized that goal. Down the line, of course, four years later, I also won on the LPGA. That was also one of my objectives.

Towards the end of 2012, for example, I already reached a level of world No. 3, and at that time, I also felt that, yeah, it's great; if I had a shot to win, I would go for it.

However, I feel that I would let it go; in other words, let nature take care of itself. I didn't really feel that I had to win, but towards the end of last year, I felt that actually my career, I had not won enough LPGA titles yet. I need to give myself more opportunities and more chances and more pressure, as well, in order to get to the objective; in order to really become world No. 1, because among my friends and some of my friends, some of them were already world No. 1, even some of them held briefly that position.

Comparing myself to them, I realize that I have a shot, and also, I realize that I'm 28 years old now. I feel the younger generation is coming up and the pressure is right there. I need to give it a go, and if not now, maybe down the line, I won't have this opportunity anymore. So that's my motivation.

And also, I believe the LPGA has really given me a lot of chances to better my condition and also to learn how to endure or to experience pressure and so forth. That really helps me a lot. Obviously I am not sure technically I am No. 1 left. That will be confirmed next week by the LPGA.

But I really am in my best form right now winning here and winning in Japan and so forth. That's really a positive acknowledgement to myself and to perform, and yes, indeed, for sure, I'm very excited, and even before winning the title, I was nervous, and after all, I'm happy.

Q. Were you watching the leaderboard today? Did you set a number for yourself?
SHANSHAN FENG: Obviously I didn't pay too much attention to the leaderboard at all. I only paid attention to my opponents in the same group. My own objective from the very beginning today was to make it overall minus 12. I didn't want to, regardless of pressure, I didn't want to pay attention to that kind of pressure. That's an objective I set for myself before the tournament started today.

Obviously I missed two birdies, for example, on hole 14 and hole 15, in that sense. Even so, my objective was still there. Even though today I didn't really make it to 12-under, I set my own objective and I wouldn't let myself be bothered by my opponents or be deterred by my opponents in that sense.

Q. What were the keys to the round today?
SHANSHAN FENG: One is hole 11, the long putt right there, 12 to 13 yards. The second would be on hole 13, a putt for about four yards. Obviously these were done under pressure. However, I am happy that I delivered.

Q. Which is more difficult: Climbing to be world No. 1 or maintaining that spot? And what is your next goal?
SHANSHAN FENG: It has not been officially confirmed yet, so I don't know how to answer this question. However, I'm still climbing to get to that world No. 1 spot.

As far as my next objective, to be part of the Hall of Fame. As far as qualification, I think I need to get more championship titles in order to be qualified, one more major, for this qualification. However, I feel that I don't want to wait until I really get older and I won't have this chance.

If I will earn enough points and automatically I will be qualified for the Hall of Fame, I would like to go that way, to earn more points. That's the situation.

Q. What did you do for shopping day on November 11?
SHANSHAN FENG: I would like to do so, however, it was too hectic yesterday after my return to the hotel. I had a massage, and also dieting afterwards, showering, and after that I went to sleep. When I was in bed, I thought about it, I got two bags last week, one for last week and one for this week. Next week when I get back to the States, I probably will think about purchasing something down the line. I didn't do any shopping at all this particular day.

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