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November 11, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Hainan Island, China

Q. You have certainly made history. I have to ask: Everybody had their heart in their mouth over that putt on the 18th green. Could you watch Moriya for that birdie attempt?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I was not trying to watch because I know that even I hope that she would make it. Then, I mean, after, even though she made it, I still have to make my par putt, so I tried not to watch her. But I mean, she just missed it and now I've got a trophy in my hand.

Q. Three wins in 2017. I hate to tell you: There's only one more event.
SHANSHAN FENG: I know. I just want 2017 keep going. A never-ending 2017, that would be great.

Q. You are projected to move to No. 1 in the Rolex Rankings. How amazing is it to do that, given it's in China, and your parents are here, you've played so well, and you're the first player to move to No. 1.
SHANSHAN FENG: You're sure?

Q. It's projected.
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, the media has been asking me yesterday. They were like: What will you feel like if you get to world No. 1 and what can it do for Chinese golf? Now I can answer.

Of course, I'm really, really excited and very proud of myself and I think it's special because I won this tournament to become world No. 1. I finished first in China, so I actually claimed the world No. 1 in front of all the people at home.

So I'm really happy about that, and I hope all the Chinese are going to be watching me and the Chinese can play golf. Hopefully there will be more Chinese getting on the tours and more world No. 1's coming up from China.

I would like to thank so many people, but of course, my title sponsor, and all my other sponsors, my team, IMG, my parents, my caddie -- well, Mercer is at home. I think he's watching TV right now. But Mercer, I felt like you were with me and you will be putting on that world No. 1 bib next week.

I'm really thankful for everybody, and of course, thank you to Blue Bay, because without Mr. Gao, without Blue Bay, I wouldn't have a chance to win the tournament and become world No. 1. Of course, I have to thank everybody.

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