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November 10, 2017

Ross Fisher

Sun City, South Africa

Q. A 71 in difficult conditions. How pleased with your day's work?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, very, especially considering the start I had. A couple over after three holes, struggling a little bit, but managed to find some form towards the end of the back nine. Hit some good shots in there.

Just needed to be patient that the putts were going to drop, and then made a few birdies on 8, 9 and 10 and hit a lovely pitch into the par 5. Decided to lay up there and pitch in to about three feet.

Unfortunately played the next hole pretty poorly and managed to salvage a good bogey from about six feet there. Played the last three holes pretty solidly. To walk away with 1-under par in the conditions we had today, I'm pretty pleased with that.

Q. How difficult to pick club, wind gusting, flyers out of the rough, temperature, sounds like a nightmare.
ROSS FISHER: A caddie's best day. I have to say, that's probably one of the toughest rounds around this place I've played since I've played here. I think this is my, I want to say, fifth time here. I've played it when it's flat calm. I've played it when there's a little breeze.

Today was breezy but it was tricky because it wasn't consistent. We get on to the par 3, 12th, for instance and we've just played 11 straight into the wind and I've hit a good little 6-iron from hardly any distance. And get on to the next and you're thinking, it should be into the wind, and you stand there, and it's downwind.

It does play a lot with your mind, and that's where good teamwork between you and your caddie make all the difference. It felt like Woody made some great calls today, especially on the last. You think it get right-to-left help but feels like it's into. Thankfully hit a good shot in there and signed for 71.

Q. Bearing in mind how the round started, how pleasing to walk off with a 71?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, very. Difficult start. Got a bit too cute on the second with a sort of long pitch shot there. Left it in the bunker and made six there.

Poor tee shot on the next into the bunker. 2-over is not how you want to start.

But it was tough out there. You look at the scores, and there's not too many low scores. I just needed to stay patient. Game is in good shape. Just tried to hit good shots and read putts and hopefully they went in, and they started to go in around the turn. Gave myself some chances and good birdie on 14.

There's some holes out there where if you make pars, you're going to be picking shots up, especially holes like 11 and 13, and even 18. They are difficult holes. So to come out and come away with 71, I'm very pleased with that.

Q. How important is the caddie's job here this week?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, it's huge. Playing in altitude, normally play meters for yards, but it's all the more difficult this week because like I said, in the past, when I played here, it's high 30s and 40s and the ball is going absolutely miles with no wind. Add to that fact, it is a little cooler and the wind is 15 to 20 miles an hour today, it's a tricky golf course at the best of times.

But with the conditions how they are, it's difficult. Not easy to pull clubs. Not easy to pick the wind. To go around with 1-under par, very pleased with mine and Woody's day's work.

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