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November 9, 2017

Hyeon Chung

Fiera Milano, Italy

H. CHUNG/G. Quinzi

1-4, 4-1, 4-2, 3-4, 4-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How can you explain you playing so well here? You're 3-0. Just what do you like about this format and the tournament that's making you play so well?
HYEON CHUNG: First thing, I don't know why I'm playing good in here. Just I'm trying to enjoy on the court and trying to play my 100% all the time. I think I'm just playing better and better every day.

Q. Today's match is not easy match. So could you explain what was happening, especially in first set? If you remember the most difficult moment in the match.
HYEON CHUNG: He played good in first set, so I have no chance to break back. And I have played him before in juniors, and he is good in baseline. I'm just trying to stay calm and playing all my best.

Q. The most difficult moment that you remember during this match.
HYEON CHUNG: I think I have a chance in fourth set to finish the match, but he has a good serve and good volley. So we play fifth set, and I got lucky here and there.

Q. There was a nice moment in the fourth set where you hit that, like, drop volley and then kind of got the crowd into it. Do you feel more comfortable here? Seems like you're really enjoying yourself just all around.
HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, because, yeah, I'm really enjoying it in Milan, because we trying to make quallies in here so far this year.

But I do like this (pumping hands) I lose all the time, so I didn't try in fifth set, so finally I win in fifth set, so maybe tomorrow I didn't try anymore (smiling).

Q. If you had to pick one thing this season that you are most proud of, what would it be?
HYEON CHUNG: I have a really good many thing in this year so far. I have first reach in third round in Grand Slam. I play Kei in the Grand Slam. And first semis in ATP Tour 250 and I got the new highest ranking in here. I have good memories on this year.

Q. Now that you have played three matches here and concerning the new rules, if you have to pick two of them for the future, what will it be?
HYEON CHUNG: First thing, first rule is I like shot clock, because sometimes I got warning because I have to clean my glasses, so I got the warning all the time in long match. So I like the shot clock.

And maybe... I don't know. Maybe no lets. I don't know. Not easy to pick two.

Q. You actually played against him in Junior Wimbledon final. It's long time ago, and I think it's not easy moment to lost in the final with such important, even in junior. Do you remember any feeling after this match?
HYEON CHUNG: We have played in juniors final. I lose Gianluigi. He playing good in juniors. He's No. 1 in juniors. I'm okay. I make first final in juniors. I'm so happy to moments. I'm happy to seeing him on the tour. That's all.

Q. (Question about being disappointed in Wimbledon.)
HYEON CHUNG: No, nothing feeling. Just happy because I got the trophy in Grand Slam. Yeah. (Smiling.)

Q. If you were to compare how you feel like now, it's the end of the year, you have qualified for this prestigious tournament, or like in the middle of the season, do you feel better, more relaxed now than maybe during the middle the year just because it is kind of the end of the season and you're playing well? How would you compare your feelings?
HYEON CHUNG: I think feel better now, because last tournament of the season, so, yeah, that's why. Just one more tournament and we're done for season.

Q. How much will you be following the ATP Finals? It's going to be your holiday. Are you going to watch any tennis? If you will, who do you think is going to win?
HYEON CHUNG: For sure I'm going to watch in London in the TV in home. And I don't know. Maybe everyone has chance. Maybe Roger, Rafa? I don't know.

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