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November 10, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Hainan Island, China

THE MODERATOR: Why don't you start with /-PB an assessment of today.

SHANSHAN FENG: Overall, I'm happy with my performance today. Given that today was actually very, very windy, I really held up ground, especially with my approach shots to the greens. Obviously I made a lot of mistakes, and I had a lot of recovery shots, as well. But overall, I'm happy with the past three days' performance.

Q. I have a crude question, reality-wise for you. Tomorrow, you win the title, it's going to be unprecedented for you to be world No. 1. Having said that, is that going to be pressure for you tomorrow, or will it be motivation for you?
SHANSHAN FENG: It's not exactly a crude question. Actually, I'm aware of what you just mentioned, but I think this is something, I really don't want to think about because this is something that could happen after the conclusion.

All I can do is to do my best, play shot by shot and be focused and be concentrated. It's going to be a joy tomorrow. As far as I know, I will be actually in the same group with Moriya and Ashleigh. I'll try to enjoy it as good as I can.

Q. What does it mean to you, should you become world No. 1, and how important is it going to be? Would you share that with us?
SHANSHAN FENG: As I told you before, towards the end of the year last year, actually, I was playing pretty steady and I always finished my ranking within the Top-10 and so forth. I told you guys, actually, when I had a shot to vie for the championship title, perhaps sometimes I was not really -- I really did my best to get the title or to tell myself to do so; I missed a few opportunities.

I think this year, I made some changes and adjustments myself, and when I had a chance to really go for the title -- for example, like last week in Japan, I did so, and by the same token, this is what I did. As a player, I learned how to actually reduce or mitigate my pressure and I would like to do so without my pressure, without my burden. I would like to really get on to the course and do the best I can.

You know, this is what I would take into consideration. As far as what you mentioned afterwards, we'll see what happens.

Q. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of your game?
SHANSHAN FENG: Technically, I believe that you really want to point out my shortcomings, maybe my putting is not really that steady. If I really perform well with that category, I definitely would have a shot to really move up my rankings.

I think as far as my forte, it's my iron play. I really could read the wind -- like for example, today, it was pretty windy and I did well. Overall, I consider myself a comprehensive player with a complete package.

Q. Will you have any extra motivation tomorrow --
SHANSHAN FENG: I was joking with my team, when I try to in any tournament spend some money -- during the whole process of the tournament, I will be motivated because I feel that I need to earn money. That's when I did in Japan, prior to Japan in Malaysia, I fell short. Whereas in Japan, I went out shopping and I purchased two bags for myself.

During the who process of the tournament in Japan, I did very well because the motivation -- I spent some money, and I would like to earn more money, and that translated into better form on course.

So because of the fact that, what we call it, a double-11, the November 11 day, the shopping spree in China is coming, I may consider spending some money tonight in order to motivate myself.

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