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November 10, 2017

Yu Liu

Hainan Island, China

Q. Is this the first tournament you've played since you got your LPGA card?
YU LIU: Yeah.

Q. How has it been any different maybe for you?
YU LIU: Yeah, the whole vibes is kind of different than what I'm used to. Just after the season ended, I just didn't really do too much practice. Had some time off.

Yeah, I feel good out here. Just getting ready for next year.

Q. How is it playing with two major champions today IK and Brittany?
YU LIU: Yeah, it was awesome. They are really nice players. Definitely just a great experience to learn a lot from players that accomplished so much.

Q. Did they offer you any advice for maybe your rookie year next year?
YU LIU: I haven't really asked about it yet, because I work with the same coach as IK. I think it would be nice if we can maybe play some golf in the off-season together.

Q. You've played this tournament a couple years now. How has it been, being able to play this every year? Do you think that's kind of helped your preparation for joining the Tour next year?
YU LIU: Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, LPGA definitely plays kind of different from the Symetra Tour. The competition level is higher, and the difficulty of the course and the condition is a little different, too. Just trying to get used to, also, you know, playing with someone that you're so used to seeing on TV before.

I think it's great to know what I need to work on over the next few months. So yeah, definitely set some goals for the off-season.

Q. What is it you think you're going to focus on this off-season?
YU LIU: Yeah, definitely my ball-striking was a little off this week, I would say. The courses, I would say a little longer than Symetra. Maybe scrambling and putting, as long as my longer irons.

Q. Is there anything you're really looking forward to next year?
YU LIU: Oh, yeah, for sure. Definitely. Being able to play in tournaments like this on a regular basis, it's just special for me.

Q. Is there a tournament that you've maybe heard about that you're maybe looking forward to, or maybe a player that you really would like to play with?
YU LIU: I'm looking forward to every tournament. Well, maybe the first tournament, Bahamas. It's pretty close from where I live in Orlando.

Q. How is it playing here in front of your Chinese fans?
YU LIU: Definitely nice to be playing in my home country. Really used to seeing my childhood friends -- been playing in Asia mostly, but I don't get to see them so much playing the Symetra. But yeah, just really enjoyed it out there.

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