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November 9, 2017

Graeme Storm

Sun City, South Africa

Q. A round of 3-under par, started with an eagle at the second hole and a double-bogey at the third, four birdies on the back nine, 32 home. Your thoughts on today's play?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, obviously got off to a great start with an eagle at the second but a silly double at the next.

Jabbed my hand and unfortunately struggled after that for a few holes. Took some painkillers and managed to get through the front nine. Just sort of clicked a little bit more on the back nine and holed a couple of nice putts.

Q. How big an issue is the wind? Difficult to pick the right clubs?
GRAEME STORM: It is difficult, but it was more difficult in practise and in the Pro-Am. Hasn't switched around as much as it has over the last couple of days. It's quite a constant direction, which is good.

Q. Do you get a warm glow of satisfaction just stepping back into South Africa, after having won the South African Open at the beginning of the year?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I love coming back down here. I've always loved coming to South Africa. But obviously after winning the South African Open at the beginning of the year, the way the year has gone, it's a great place to come. I've enjoyed being back.

Q. You're touching a cold towel on that right hand. You say you've jarred it. Are you off to get some treatment now?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I'm going to get a little bit of treatment and maybe get some anti-inflammatory creme put on there. It feels okay, but I obviously had to have an injection in the middle of the year, and I'm just a little bit concerned about it.

Q. Obviously happy memories of South Africa after your win earlier on in the season. How do you feel about your opening round here in the Nedbank?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, absolutely thrilled to be honest. Jabbed my hand on the third and was just happy to get through the front nine, and then played some nice golf coming in.

Holed a couple of nice putts. It's always great to be back in South Africa. Sunshine, as always, and it's great to be here.

Q. It was an interesting start, wasn't it, the eagle followed by the double bogey and another bogey, but you managed to steady things down after that.
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I was more concentrating on my hand the next few holes. I was icing it as I was going around. My mind wasn't on golf at the time.

But on the back nine, I managed to get off to a nice start on the back nine and just continued towards the end.

Q. Been a good end to the season, some great results. Been a good climb up the rankings for you.
GRAEME STORM: I was 77th last week in Turkey; I was last. I had a couple of top 5s before that. Been a bit of a struggle the last couple of weeks, but hopefully the form is about to turn around.

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