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November 9, 2017

Scott Jamieson

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Some excellent numbers on the scorecard. Give us a since of how you compiled them.
SCOTT JAMIESON: It was a mixed bag, really. A few more good ones than bad ones. Didn't play the par 5s particularly well until the ninth hole, our last hole. That was nice to make a birdie. You always want to be under on the par 5s here when you can reach most of them.

Q. What do you think of this golf course? First time here.
SCOTT JAMIESON: I love it, yeah. Very similar to Leopard Creek. I think it's kind of visually intimidating on the tee but when you get up there, there's maybe a little more room than you think. I don't think the rough's as bad this year as what the guys said it was last year. You know, you can still score from the rough.

Q. Sixth in Spain, best result in a while. Has something in the game clicked?
SCOTT JAMIESON: No, I wish I knew the answers to all these questions. Obviously we could be up there every week.

Yeah, Spain was good. Iron play was really good there. You know, I didn't drive it very well the first two rounds last week in Turkey but then played well over the weekend. Just didn't really get it going. So yeah, today was a great start.

Q. Fantastic birdie to end the round. Quite intimidating second shot into the ninth. The wind tends to swirl and you have an island green, yet you managed to come through with a birdie?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, that's it. You nailed it on the head. The wind was kind of swirling all day. So you never quite trust it. I think it became a little more settled as we got towards the end of the round.

But yeah, it was 4-iron and you have loads of different numbers going on with the altitude and the wind helping you, and you've got water at the front of the green and then just over the back. Once the ball is in the air, it's in the lap of the gods.

Q. Great week in Spain but mixed last week in Turkey, but a 68 to open here. There probably won't be too many lower rounds than that on this golf course today.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, I think it looks a bit more scorable. I looked at the scores from last year. It probably a little easier, less rough, the guys were saying. We'll see where it sits at the end of the day, but I'll take another three of those.

Q. What are your impressions having been here for a few days now?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, it's nice. If you play well and you hit some good shots off the tee, you can attack a lot of the flags. But if you're out of position, then you've got to be a little bit more conservative. Definitely helps being in the fairway.

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