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November 9, 2017

Ashleigh Buhai

Hainan Island, China

Q. Talk me through what happened with the chip-in on 12.
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I hit it short right of the green and pin was at the back today. Kind of really had no chance to be honest.

It was downhill and downwind, and I hit this lob-wedge, bounced it into the hill perfectly and just kept trickling. I thought I was happy enough to have it stiff, and next minute, I looked, it dropped in. It was cool.

Q. What was your celebration like?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I just put my arms up and high-fived my caddie.

Q. I think your caddie said that might have been your shot of the year.
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Probably. That and I think my second at Green Bay this year. That was cool.

Q. What about on 14, you had the long birdie putt?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, 14, the par 5. I hit it on for two. I putted for three into the fringe. I didn't have far coming back and I holed it coming back off the fringe.

Q. Another birdie on 18 to round out your day. How was that?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I've given myself good chances on 16 and 17. I hit good putts, so I felt I was kind of due one coming in. Hit a good shot into 18 to hole the putt out.

Q. So how was the wind out there? Your score was one of the best we've seen all day. How were you able to combat the conditions?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I just kind of was playing the golf course as it came. It played a lot tougher than the last few days. The wind was more or less the same direction. Just a bit stronger.

So I think it helps being the same direction as you have an idea what to do. It was just a case of taking more club and just trying to play it with the wind. There were a lot of holes, pins were back, straight downwind. A lot of times, all of us went long. It was difficult to hole them and get close to some of the pins. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better.

Q. If it is windy, do you feel like that's maybe something you're suited for?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I feel I've always played pretty well in wind. I think because I like to work the ball, I feel like I can flight it up or down. So maybe in a way it does play into my hands. When you are hitting it good, it does. When you are hitting it bad, it doesn't. Just depends on what kind of week you're having.

Q. We've seen you near the top a couple times this year. Are you feeling more and more comfortable every time? Do you feel you're due?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I feel I am getting more comfortable with the situation. I always say, winning is a feeling, no matter where you're trying to win.

Obviously the stage out here is huge and everybody at the top of the leaderboard has a chance to win this week.

I feel if I keep just trusting my swing and sticking to my goals and my plan, hopefully I will have a chance on Saturday.

Q. Tomorrow you are playing with Shanshan, and the local fans will be cheering for her. Any thoughts about that tomorrow?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think it will be good. I love playing in front of crowds. Obviously playing here with Shanshan will be really cool with everybody supporting her. We've known each other since our rookie year, so I really enjoy playing with her. She gets on with it and very simple. Hopefully we can both feed off each other.

Q. Is it the first time you've played with her, or how many times?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I can't tell you how many times I've played with her, but I've played with her before.

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