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November 9, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Hainan Island, China

THE MODERATOR: Can you assess your round today?

SHANSHAN FENG: Obviously a lot happened today, but the very beginning, the situation looked like déjà vu, the first four holes like yesterday. But on the other hand, towards the last nine holes, I got better and better and were very pleased with your results.

Especially for example, when I was dealing with hole No. 10, yesterday I got a bogey, and today obviously instead I got a birdie, and the same situation, by the same token, hole No. 11, as well.

The last nine holes, I did better and better, hence the results right there. The other thing, I was very happy today playing with the two Thai sisters and it's the first time I ever experienced this.

Q. Are you familiar with the different grass?
SHANSHAN FENG: When I'm in Asia, basically in Asia, different course, the conditions are pretty good, especially talking about green condition, it's always very, very good. I'm happy with that. And also, given the fact that I consider myself a slow starter, and towards the end of the year, I really get to be better and better and in better condition. Especially I'm happy with my putting and driving. Obviously the result shows.

Q. This time you didn't really have that much practice, and did that make any difference? Maybe not try at all and just capture the title?
SHANSHAN FENG: No, there's no such thing. On the other hand, in Japan, on one occasion, I almost did it by just missing one shot -- I didn't really practice but that was my experience.

If I could give it a go or try out on any course, it would be really good because really I could feel the differences of the tee shots and also the green condition and the speed of the green itself. But if I could really get a try, that's good.

Q. Yesterday on 17, you stopped to eat something, what did you have?
SHANSHAN FENG: Beef jerky and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I usually make the sandwiches myself.

Q. When you are in China, do you have family here and is it more pressure?
SHANSHAN FENG: It's closer to my hometown and my parents will be usually around. My mother is already here and probably will be here tomorrow.

Obviously it's great to have them around, but on the other hand in the past, when I started as a pro, I might have felt pressure when my parents weren't around. But with ten years of pro experience, I'm used to it now and I can just focus on my competition.

When my parents are around, it's so much better. For example, when I was in Japan, my mother was there and it was just great to have her there and have photos together and it was more meaningful.

Q. On a lighter note, your nickname is National Treasure.
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually they were referring to the fact that national treasure is a panda, a giant panda. So because I'm from China, it's related to a giant panda, and that's why we call me national treasure. I would be honored to be a duck in that sense, and it just means that actually the status of Chinese players is noticeable right now. Perhaps the more nicknames as such, perhaps down the line, monkeys or whatever, the more, the better, because that really shows the status of Chinese players has been noticed and acknowledged.

Q. Can you talk about your outfit?
SHANSHAN FENG: It was designed by my costume suppliers, according to the contract. These patterns are pretty interesting and of course one of the patterns, a cow is only one of the many patterns. Many overseas fans of mine like it very much. The cow itself, obviously I don't wear it every week. I hope that down the line, if the panda will be planned into the patterns, so be it. It would be even better.

Q. Can you talk about playing with the Thai sisters?
SHANSHAN FENG: I feel I hit it off really well with them. Their style, I feel like we all learn from our coach, Gary, who coaches on each person's individual style. But it varies from person to person.

I'm probably more similar to Moriya because we focus on stability and consistency. Whereas Ariya, she is very explosive and especially like yesterday on hole 14 -- she was on 14 today, she drove with tremendous power. She out-drove me using a 2-iron. I hit driver. It shows the power and distance advantage. That's her forte.

Basically Moriya and I focus more on stability, consistency, while Ariya shows her aggressiveness and her explosiveness.


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