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November 9, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Hainan Island, China

Q. The average score today is approaching 76. You're about nine shots better than that. How did you do it?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I mean yesterday, I had a good round, and this morning, I mean, I knew that after the first round, I would be warmed up a little more. I would say my ball-striking today was better, so I was giving myself birdie chances.

Of course, my putting was working today, also. Continued from last week and so I made a few birdies and I mean, just one bogey for the day, it was pretty good.

Q. So you've gone three, you've gone two, you've gone one; is there a zero, or do we just hope for more ones on the way?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, hopefully there's not a zero because that means I don't have any score. But I'm not trying to think about it. I just think recently I've been playing pretty well. I just want to keep that good playing going.

Coming back to China, of course, I'm playing in front of all the fans from home. Of course I feel a little bit of pressure, and I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be more people coming to support me. But I just wanted to bring out my A Game and enjoy the week.

Q. You certainly brought your A Game. We can call it an A-Plus today. I want to know what grade you give your new caddie, your substitute caddie, Jeff. What was he like the last two days?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think Jeff is a very good caddie. We've been very good friends but never worked together. Somebody was joking. He said, "Jeff is better-looking than Mercer." (Laughter). I don't say that. So if Mercer is watching TV: Sorry, somebody else said that. No, I think you are better looking.

Q. We feel like we've been speaking so much about you and to you. How do you feel about commentating sometime?
SHANSHAN FENG: You think so? Like I don't know, when I'm not playing and watching TV, I'm just like a fan. I don't know how to commentate but hopefully I can say good things. In the future I have a chance, I would give it a try.

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