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November 7, 2017

Borna Coric

Fiera Milano, Italy

B. CORIC/J. Donaldson

4-3, 4-1, 4-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Among the new rules, which one did you prefer?
BORNA CORIC: I liked the let rule, because it did help me a lot on the match point. It was really lucky, you know, and I think it should be also in the other tournaments, because I think we are having -- I think we are having many arguments about what is it let, you know. All the time it's just maybe small let or there is no let, and the chair umpire maybe is calling it, maybe no. So I think it's not necessary.

To be honest, I liked maybe 25-second rule, as well. It is a little bit tougher, you know, but I think as we get used to it, you know, it can be put in, as well. It just, you know, something it gives more speed to the game. Sometimes I feel there is too much time just waiting around.

Q. The question is about the atmosphere in the stadium and the people walking around. Is it much different for you, a player, than normal tournament?
BORNA CORIC: To be honest, I didn't notice much on the sides walking, on my left and my right side, and I didn't really notice anything. What I noticed was couple of times on -- so like this, when I was returning, that someone was walking and that was bothering me. But that was not supposed to happen, anyway. I think it was just up to the people, you know, who didn't know that they are not supposed to walk.

But everything else, I think it's all right. It didn't bother me at all, to be honest.

And what was the other question?

Q. The other question is a little bit about, one more question about Polish match against Jerzy Janowicz in Warsaw. You were 17 and you beat the semifinalist of Wimbledon. Just one of the biggest, I think, break for you.

Q. What kind of souvenir you have from that match from Warsaw three, four years ago?
BORNA CORIC: I have very good one, to be honest. I remember it was my first five-set match. It was my, I think, second Davis Cup, and, yeah, it was unbelievable match. I remember like it was today. I remember everything.

I remember I started cramping in the fourth set already because I was so nervous. I was tight, you know. I just didn't know how to manage all my emotions and basically everything.

I remember it very good. It was very good experience for me. I can say I have actually learned very much from that match, you know, and also it did give me some extra confidence, because, I mean, like you said, I had beaten the semifinalist.

And also, he was playing very good that season, so it did give me some extra confidence. I remember after that, I think I was flying to the 10,000 in Turkey to play, because my ranking was not very good. But, yeah, it did give me confidence, for sure.

Q. What about the linesmen that are not existing anymore? They're going to die and disappear if all the tournaments would have this. Is it good for you? You like the way it is? And the coaching, wonder if you are in favor or not on coaching?
BORNA CORIC: Well, I mean, I don't think they are going to die. They are going to disappear. But I think it's good. I mean, for me it's actually a little bit easier, because I wouldn't call it -- I wouldn't call any challenge on some of the serves. I don't see the ball very well, to be honest. I mean, I see it on my racquet well, obviously, but I don't see when it lands in the court. And I was surprised actually a couple of times, to be honest. So I don't have anything against it.

I think it's going to be very tough to put it on all the courts. There is many courts on the US Open and all the slams. But if they can do it, for me, it's good.

But the coaching, I think it's also good. I would like maybe more that the coach can come on the court, because with these headphones, I don't know, it just felt a little bit complicated, in my opinion. I think it's also good. I think it's actually very interesting for the TV and for the other people to listen on some advices.

Q. About today's match, you played very solid game, so something about today's match. And also, generally speaking, this is very good year for you because you beat some top guys. Do you think which part you progress to make it possible to beat the strong guys this year?
BORNA CORIC: About my match today, yeah, I mean, I think I played very well, especially after I broke him on 3-2. I saved a set point, and I think that was very crucial moment in that match. If I lost that, the match could have gone also the other way.

But I did took a risk. Basically I went for the shot. It went in. And since then, you know, I really felt like I'm on top of the match. I was going for my shots, which is not usual for me. And I was feeling very good on the court. So, yeah, like you said, I was playing solid, I think.

And the other question? Ah, I know. I cannot agree with you that it was a good year for me. I think, you know, I was planning to have a little bit better year. But at the end of the day, you know, it's life. It's the tennis life. You know, we are used to it, not having basically the year what I wanted to.

And also, I'm just trying to finish as good as I can, so I think it's going to give me some confidence for the next year.

But, I mean, I did beat some very good guys, Top 10, top 5, Andy Murray, top 1. But in general, I'm not really, really happy with my year. I didn't have that consistency. No, I did beat some of the guys, but then I lost to the guys who are maybe 100 or even below.

So if, in the next year, I can still beat some of the Top 10 guys but also to be a little bit more matches in the first and maybe second rounds, then I can accomplish what I want to.

Q. (Off microphone.)
BORNA CORIC: No, I see, when I look at my game, I do look at a lot, I try to study the game, I see on every part of my game that I can improve something, you know. So basically on everything, pretty much.

Q. You said after the match that you were a little tired? After the second set or maybe just after the match overall? Are you feeling well physically, or is it kind of a different format or what was behind that?
BORNA CORIC: No, I mean, I did get a little bit tired. I feel like there is no oxygen in here, I think. But that's maybe only me being not fit. But that's how I felt. And I was sweating a lot, as well, but that's also usual for me.

I did get a little bit tired at the end of the second set. I think mainly because I was just always rushing to my serve, you know, because I was afraid that I'm going to be late. I didn't want to get the warning.

So, you know, I saw, and also my coach told me now that sometimes I would serve and I had still 15 seconds left. So I just don't like that pressure. I mean, it's also good in some ways, because it does speed up the game, but I just need to get used to that, you know, so that maybe I can start my whole motion on seven or eight seconds left, not on maybe 15. Then maybe I will feel a little bit better.

But, yeah, overall, I mean, I'm fine. I'm tired now, it's quite late, but I'm fine.

Q. I remember during this Warsaw match you were invited right before to Rafael Nadal to Mallorca to train with him. You were a young player. I would like to know if you've been to his academy or if you are planning to go there to train with Rafa?
BORNA CORIC: I'm not sure if it was that year or year before, the offseason. I'm not sure, to be honest. I don't know.

I have been hitting with him, yeah, back then. Since then, I haven't gone there, unfortunately. It was great few days for me. You know, I have learned -- I learned many things from him, and it was unbelievable experience for me. Yeah, I think I just gained a lot from that week.

But like I said, I haven't gone back since then. You know, I think hopefully in the future I can go there.

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